Making Thousands of Cash Buyers available....

Making Thousands of Cash Buyers available....

Hi everybody - need your input. Thinking of adding new service to our existing business.....

Selling Cash Buyer info (nationwide, for every state/county) to anybody in need of selling their property/ies.

What should we charge for the info? A dollar per cash buyer? Five Dollar each? $20 per record?

We can search by state, county, city, ZIP code, price range and within different time frames. Every search will be done individually. If we can't find any cash buyers in the requested area, there will be no charge.

What do you think would be a fair price for this service? Please, let me know....

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split it

Sell yourself as a buyer broker. Tell them to bring the deals to you, and you pass it on to your buyer leads in whatever city, or region that property is in. Set a contract agreement of how much of a percentage you get. If you are charging a dollar per buyer, I say that's expensive. I know people and sources that charges five dollars for a list of active buyers in the last 30, 60, 90 days in their region or city. I'm just saying if you you charge the investors to bring you their deals, find the buyers, which is the service you are providing, and cut a percentage.




am I reading this right? Bio???

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Is it me, or am I missing

Is it me, or am I missing something. You have a seller looking for a buyer and you want to charge them a mere pittance for names of cash buyers rather than locking the property up and wholesaling it yourself? Is that what I am understanding?


Send me one property that you have under contract or own in Florida or Georgia.
Your Bio says you have great deals there. I'll look it over. If it's good I will put it under contract. Then supply me with a buyer that actually pays cash for the property (closes) and I will pay you $5,000 on the spot.

Can you produce?? I need someone that has properties and provides buyers (we all do) That would be a great business model for us, don't know about you.

Good luck!
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Cash Buyers List

Make it a subscription (eg. $19.95-29.95) per month


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