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Michael and Deborah Mangham
Denver, Colorado
About Me: 

Without Dean's products we would not be where we are today! Because of his educational products, books and this site we have over 3000 buyers,(of which 75 are active buyers:) multiple RE agents, title companies, contractors, attorneys, PMLs and HMLs on our team. This was attained by getting the basic theory and education needed to learn the BASICS of REI and then TAKING ACTION!!! We had to overcome that old enemy FEAR!! Still, every day is a new challenge.

We now own and operate DAREI. Denver Association of Real Estate Investors. Our own REI club! Talk about excellent networking opportunities!

I was a speaker at the EDGE event in 2014 and 2015

We continue to Wholesale, do fix and flips and expand our L/O portfolio! 2017, the sky is the limit. We are going NATIONWIDE! Strategies and markets ARE changing!

Anybody working in the Denver area that has a deal, contact us and we WILL BUY IT!!!

http://www.mdtfcam.com is our Transactional funds and POF site. The best in the industry BAR NONE. Great websites for building your buyers list and seller lists. It is very user friendly.

We are building a nationwide team.


Giving to others, Real Estate, riding motorcycles, boating, watersking, scuba diving, fishing and of course, traveling!

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Basic Info

Full Time Real Estate Investor
Have Child(ren)
Some College


Joined at @ same time

It is good to hear of another academy student in the same situation as I.
We are in PA now but also have property in Az. Trying to do deals in both areas.
Good luck and I will check out your web sites you visit.

Gary and Deb Cheney

PS check out the free website if you bought Deans book. Here is mine (I still have to tweek it a little).
Also do a business listing on Google
OOPS Just realized those are your sites, they look Great! Who did you use?


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Hi Michael
I just wanted to drop by and say hello to you. I am a long time member here on the board and I like talking REI and hearing about deals.
Glad to meet you and all my best to you.
Sissy Treat

Great Success!

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Hello Michael,

Welcome to the DG family.
May you have Great Success in your Journey!

Thanks JJD

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Thanks for the welcome! I have actually been on this site starting in Oct. of 09. Just never posted any of my deals.

Good luck to you also!


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Hi Sissy,

I have seen many of your posts and enjoy reading them. I have been a member on this site since Oct. 09, but never posted any of my deals. Joined the success academy in August of 09 and got my 5th deal in May of 2010. What a learning experience!! I am doing REI full time now and am very excited about the future!

Thanks again and glad to meet you also!

Simo Closing with REO's

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Hey Michael Rodney Here! Just wanted to confirm if Flipping REO's by way of Simultanious closing will work? More specifically, using a funding letter to close and then flipping to an end buyer?

Thanks for your support in advance.


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Using transactional funding works no problem,Doing a closing where you use the buyers money to fund the deal is difficult and the people I know doing it use two different title companies to do it. Most title companies don't do it anymore but I am sure there is one somewhere that still will? Like I said, it's no problem to double close using transactional funding.

Hope that helps,

Thank you so much

I'm new and still reading the books.I really want to try something but I 'm leaving to see my mom for a while may be in less than one month so I'm scared to take any action to join the teams here. I was going to join Carrol's team then I backed out. Thank you so much. I'll try something when I come back. It'll be almost the New Year. Thank you anyway.

Hi Michael

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I was just reading one of your posts about a couple of deals you've got recently. Could you tell me more about the system you have in place? I'm fairly new and so I hoping I can learn from those who are actually making it happen out there. Thanks!

Cameron Dunlap's site

Hi Michael,

One of your links led me to Cameron Dunlap's site. Are you using his wholesaling tools such as iflip and proof of funds? If so, how are things going with that? Is it worth the price to use the tools he offers?

Cam's site

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I could not do what I do with out it!! I use the POF letters daily, his transactional funds when I do a double close and IFLIP I use to keep my buyers list and the properties I have under contract and put the two together using an email blast, all part of the system!
His squeeze page ads for bringing buyers to your site is the best!
Check out my buyer site at http://www.mdhomeacquisitionsbargainhouses.com

If you decide to get it please sign up through my website http://www.mdtfcam.com they pay me a $400 spiff!



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I'm currently working on a couple of houses in Longmont. The owners are a married couple who each have homes and then had to move for their jobs. They are very tight on their loan to value of their properties. I thought we could find some lease to own tennant buyers for them and make a 3.5% commission. Would you be interested in partnering on this? It's not a huge amount but there is virtually no risk to either of us.


So I’m trying to make my first deal happen, i have a buyer i been reading the book but i don’t want to make any mistakes can someone tell me step by step how to Lock a bank own property then reassign it to a buyer, anyone that has done that before?
I am aware of the different forms


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You cannot assign and REO. You have to purchase it yourself and then do a double close. Am I right Mike?

Awesome Mentor

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That was the first words that came to mind! You are an inspiration Mike and a true business role model! I'm glad we have connected and I hope to learn from you for years to come! Thanks again!!!

Chase Brooks

short sales lead in michigan

Hello Michael
i am wondering if you can give me the company that you
use, maybe i can use them also in the state of michigan,


Inquiring minds wanna know.

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Do you mind me asking michaelmangham: What method you used to build your buyers list ?

Buyers list

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I use every method I can think of. I will try anything! I saw something on DG from one of the coaches like 99 ways to find buyers. That is all you need and then consistently put yourself out there. It may take a year of constant marketing using every technique you have. I can tell you it is much easier when you have a property under contact that you can offer to buyers! I have had good luck on craigs list, have to delete a lot of spam and shift through the real buyers are but it has been worth the trouble. I have sold over 1,500,000 worth of SFHs to rehabbers and landlords that came to me through my craigs list ads in the last year alone.
I also go to every REI meeting I can find, any special REI events, trustee auctions and I am out looking at properties EVERY day and making offers. As soon as I started to get out and do this business face to face is when I got a lot of buyers that are actually closing deals, not some idiot on ****. I have yet to run across someone who has closed a deal or gotten a wholesale property from ANY "buyer website". Real buyers do business with you when they know and trust you and you have something to offer them.

Good Luck,

Could you give me your opinion on something ?

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Well Michael:
Thank You for your input. I am trying to structure my first deal that originally seemed liked it would have been a simple probate deal.
Here in the state of Illinois where
(Land Trusts.) are commonly used, I now find the bank that held the deed on this property, turned it over to a Trust Company.
Apparently, the original owners passed away, and the next of kin did not want to inherit Mom and Dads old house.
After further investigation I found a number of encumberences on the property, the house has been vacant for almost two years and is in dire need of alot of TLC. Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of $80,000.
From what the neighbors inform me, the Realtor who tried selling the house, wanted full market price, which in this case would have been $256,000. The house never sold, the Realtors contract expired and the house has been sitting ever since.
I realize this will not be an easy deal, and esspecially for someone to be cutting their teeth on.
But I like the house, it has alot potential. It sits , right now priced at $256,000 in a 4 1/2 Plus, neighborhood.
I originally was hoping to lock this up under contract and flip it to either another investor or a Re-hab Contractor.
I know this property is a diamond in the rough, but I have 'nt yet figured out how to pull all the gold out of this deal yet...Any Suggestions ?

lets go!!!!

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you are an insperation!! go for it!

just getting started

Could you tell me if Assignment of Contracts are legal in Illinois? Any advice you can give me would be helpful. I am having a hard time understanding how to get started. I need some motivation!



Hi Michael just wanted to say hello. Iam new to this and i am still working on getting my first deal.


I was wondering what should i consider when structuring an offer. This deal im working on, I know what I want to offer but I think it might offend him
I have done my research and calculated
everything just like yall told me but what if he rejects it.

I have a question

Is there a way i can email you this on personal level just need some advice.

Thank You

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Thank you for your 5/28 reply to my question about when you get paid for your wholesaling deals! Sorry I'm just now getting back to you.

Thanks again for the info! I appreciate it!

Happy investing!


hello Michael

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Hello Michael, I've been reading your posts, and wow... you sound like you know a lot. I really appreciate your time and effort.
I want to ask you. how did you build your buyers list? and what is the best way to build it? I found a realtor recently, and got a cash buyers list. and now I'm checking all those properties that were purchased cash on the assessors website to look up the owner and the mailing address. and I was sending them letters. Is this what you did? or would you do anything different? If you were sending letters to those potential buyers, can you please send me a template?
And how do you figure out your offer if you're thinking of reassigning the property? Thanks for your time again!

Hi Michael!

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I just noticed that I hadn't signed in your guestbook!
I have enjoyed and learned from your so many posts on this site, and I appreciate all the advice you give.
Maybe one day soon I will be able to make some deals with you in Denver!

Wishing you much success,

Hi Michael,

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Where are you located? Do you purchase in MD? Thanks for the various references to other sites. They provide a wealth of additional info to keep in mind.

Leon J

Cameron Dunlap

I watched your link to his video. I have questions about whether you would recommend his program with Dean's.
I sent you a PM with my e-mail and phone #
Would appreciate your reply.

Edward P
Virginia Beach,Va

Do you know of any Transactional funding companies

Hello Micheal do you know if assignments are legal in Ga.And do you know of any transactional companies that loan here

Reading about your success further fuels my burning...

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desire to achieve success and wealth. I am brand new. Just participated in the 3 day work shop last weekend. 11/8 I was at the free one day seminar and purchased Deans program and Sean Keegan Walkers Tax deed and lien program. Tue I purchased $1500 in tax leans and now get my tuition back. Awesome! My mentor will becoming to my area 1st week of January. Being unemployed is allowing me to spend hours a day ravenously consumining the material.
My question...What is the best way to go after REO's? I just can't walk into a bank and ask to see available properties and make an offer, can I?


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You are awesome. I am looking to network with like minded investors always but also from Colorado.

Eric Volkers

New To This

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I'm a newbie here and I'm treating this site as my new face book lol. Just wanted to say what's up and I hope you make lots of money and have crazy fun. I'm looking to build my buyers list now and get really involved with the DG Fam.

Hey There..

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Hello Michael, nice to hear you pushing us new guys to take control of our lives & having fun building sumthing one no can take away. If we build it correctly of course.
I like the comment jdilley09 made about making this the new Face Book.
I wud like to develop a friendship with you as well as learn wat i can.
ALSO wats up wit this> http://www.mdtfcam.com
Im working from CA & plan on doing double-closing REO Wholesale deals...
Hope all is well, ill keep in touch...

Formula for Rehabber

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Good afternoon Michael. I was wondering if you could help me with a buyer I have please? I have a rehabber that has $200K cash to invest. I've got her criteria, but I'm having an issue coming up with a system and formula to calculate my max offer amount. More specifically, I guess I'm not sure what to allocate for holding, closing and commission if it's bank owned/short sale/standard sale/foreclosed or FSBO. I really want to under-promise and over-deliver so they only come back to me Smiling Thank you so much for your time Michael. Best, Rhonda Andrew


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Hi Michael,

Thanks for all the info you put out here on the DG website. I was wondering if you buy condos, not just SFR, and what's the minimum for bedroom/Bath.

There looks like some great opportunities out here in in southwest area of Denver.

I'd love to send you leads. What information can you send me?



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I don't buy condos myself but I have several buyers that ONLY buy condos! They like 2/1s. HOAs can make or break the deal. They are picking them up for $30,000 to $50,000. None like Aurora for condos. PM me your email address and I will supply my contact info.

Hope all is well!

Lease Options

Michael, Thanks for your advise,it has help me understand that a person can only do so much for another person. I guess I need to apporach this from a different perspective. Thanks Again. The Old Man Johnny

Hi Michael - thanks for your

faygrad's picture

Hi Michael - thanks for your reply.
My email is faygrad@****

Looking forward to networking with you.
I am overwhelmed with all the great info
on this site and haven't taken action.
Hope to acquire some tips from you to
take my first step.

Thanks in advance.



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Is Dean truly the real deal?

Are his workshops effective/real?

I like the guy, but I'm not sure if he is legitimate.

new at this.

im in northern calif small country town surrounded by other small towns.cant afford the academy,but im taking the 30 day course.im reading the book making the phone calls have a list of homes going through them,seperating the best possibilities,having problems getting the list of names of the cash buyers,i end up with the properties that were bought by them but no names n numbers,how would go about getting the names .i did give them the info mls support 800# but not going s well as i thought,could u help me with this small rd block thanks steve


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Sorry it took so long to respond.

Dean is the real deal no question about it. I read his books and joined the success academy. Great stuff! Got my 5 deals in 12 months and got a full refund.
As far as Dean's or ant other 3 day work shop I have to say there is NO WAY to learn this business in 3 days!! They will supply enough info to get you started along with trying to sell more products.
I am a firm believer is the Success Academy and Dean's books however. Dean is legitimate.



Please send me a PM and I will reply --I can't figureout how to send private message... Delaware (New Castle County)

Hey Mike how are you? This

Hey Mike how are you? This its Adam Thomason. I asked you a few questions on you're posts. I went on your website and I was very impressed in your presentation. I'm planning on building my on website for my company, but I need some help. Can you give me some tips in how to build my own website? Our lead me to the right source to help me through? Thank you.

Adam Thomason
Lafayette Real Estate Solutions, LLC

"Keep on going, you'll thank yourself in the end"

Networking/VIP B&S Lists

Good morning,

Thank you for the valuable information about how to approach foreclosure clients. I am a newbie to this area, and I am searching for ways to not waste time. I would like to add you to my VIP Buyers & Sellers List. I come across handyman specials all the time, and I am expanding nationwide.

Please email your information and specific criteria to mvlenterprises1022@****, and please be sure to leave email and best contact number

Look forward to networking and closing many, many deals.

Best Wishes

MVL Enterprises, LLC
Yasiah Hurtado, CEO

i am overwhelmed

I am overwhelmed by your success. You did a lot.


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Hey Michael, I am currently finding some fix and flip projects here in Northwest Louisiana the area that I currently invest in if you or your cash buyer would be in acquiring some of these deals that I find. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks


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Hi Michael My name is Natosha Davis. I just finished reading your profile and would first like to say Congrats on such success in REI. You seem to have this thing all figured out. I have been reaching out to people for any type of guidance with wholesaling. I purchased Dean's Books about 2 years ago and right away I was out everyday with my newborn, driving from neighborhood to neighborhood writing down addresses trying to locate owner etc. You name I probably did it. With no success I came to the conclusion that I didn't have a clue to what I was doing, because something just isn't adding up. But long stoy short Please Mentor ME. So this is me asking for more details on your mentoring.


hey how are you? im Jason a very new member (i signed up today) im just browsing the web site and came across your page. you seem to be doing great with all the help Dean gives to us. im just getting started, i must admit im a little nervous b/c i dont have much real estate experience. is there any advice that you would be willing to give?


michaelmangham's picture

Hi Jason,

I would read Dean's book "Be a Real Estate Millionaire"
followed by "30 Days to Real Estate Cash"
I would also consider joining the Success Academy.

Good Luck!