I would like to send letters to cash buyers in my area. What should I say?

I would like to send letters to cash buyers in my area. What should I say?

Hello DG family I am interested in establishing a cash buyers list. I want to send emails out to the potential buyers that look professional. Does anyone know of a sample letter that would give me a good idea of how I should structure these letters? Thanks for any feed back


Cash buyer letters

Hello - we are getting our first batch of letters to cash buyers out this week. I was able to find one example in the Boots On The Ground workbook we received. We've debated over hand-written or computer generated and have decided to go with the hand-written option. We've heard pros and cons about using invitation or greeting card envelopes..... Please let us know what you decide. Hope you will get a good response.

What is boots on the ground

What is boots on the ground workbook? I'm not familiar with that

I'm definitely taking notes!!!!!!!

This is a great idea for someone that can't get out as quickly or often and for someone that's BRAND NEW!!!!!!! Smiling THANKS!!!!!!!


~Blessed beyond measure and enjoying life to its fullest!~

REI takes Time and Learning

This DG site compliments of Dean Graziosi, gives you ALL the needed info, forms and Instructionsal Steps to Follow along with the the DG Family that IS here to Help you.

THE Path has been laid out for YOU...just follow the path and steps!!

It is really simple, but, its NOT that hard to do.

Persistance and determination to CHANGE your Life is what it takes.



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