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Hi all,
I am a newlywed who is happily married to an awesome and blessed man of God! I am an online Business major who currently works for USAgencies. It's a great job, however, it's not my career. My husband also works while he is a day time student in Graphic Arts. We both are very excited about the journey that we are able to experience together living on our own as one!!! So much excitement that we are also eager to accomplish our career goals.

As for my career goals, I have always loved sales and I love helping others as well as working with people. So RealEstate is something that I know I will enjoy very much. With being a REI/RealEstate agent, it means that I will be able to work for myself and have the time to be with my family and friends, while being able to see the world in a completely new light. This is a goal and dream that I am going to accomplish. Sometimes you are faced with people around you that are scared of giving new things a try...well, I want to be that person that toughens up and becomes brave for those that aren't.

By all means, I am scared to fail; but the fact is: I will make sure that I work hard so that I don't. My motivation is my love ones. I want to work hard to be able to help those in my family that may need/desire help and I want to create a business that can be passed down to my children and so forth. My husband stands by me and as a team we are ready to accomplish both of our goals. We already have our goals and priorities in place...I just need to figure out the kinks such as learning this new end of RealEstate!

With this said, I am happy to join this unique community and eager to learn as much as I can!

To all, Be Blessed and enjoy your day! Smiling

dance, music, travel, spending time with love ones and so much more!

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Hi Gentle L I would start

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Hi Gentle L
I would start with "Profit From Real Estate Right Now", then go to "30 Days to Real Estate Cash" as far as books are concerned. Be warned though, you will have a hard time putting them down and will want to do all of it. This is what has taken me so long to get started. I have bought every book except one and went to countless seminars and bought lots of education. Network, network, network and start building relationships. Laura

Wow, Thanks Laura!

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First off, Thanks so much for starting the trend in my guest book...I was thinking to greet myself!!! (thought it would be cute)lol... Smiling

Thanks for the advice! ok, I will definitely grab those two books as soon as I can! Also, so like do you think you would have been able to start sooner had you just been a lil less excited? Smiling And I don't mind funding my education...however, I want to make sure that I'm not wasting too much money into this, when I know getting a RE License would be hopefully less expensive...meaning: I pay for the class, take the test-pass get licensed and work with a company that trains while you have the ability to earn. I wonder, is there such a program for this end of RE? I do love to learn and will do so, but I also love to do hands on...maybe someone could show me around for the first couple of deals or more and I would do this as an intern-unpaid and then begin training by going out in the field to actually work and perhaps partner with the mentor for a lil while only for education and training. Would there be such a program as this? Maybe not...but worth a try Eye-wink

Again, Thanks and I will definitely take your advice!

Enjoy your day and be blessed!

Deans seminar

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Hello,Nick and Gen

I am in no way associated with Deans programs.I am just a member here,like you.
I have not been to any of Dean's seminars. But, I have been to many other seminars.They all get you in to basically sell you their program and/or coaching.
However, I do own a couple of Dean's books.
"Profit From Real Estate Right Now" is one of the books..
It's basically a step by step guide.
I wholesale and co-wholesale at this time. There is so much out there geared
toward REI.
I offer 12 Month mentoring/partnership.
If you can't succeed in that amount of time, maybe REI isn't the right fit.
But I'm not here trying to sell anything, don't think that would be appropriate.
I will give you a call, Thur or Fri

Thanks so much for the reply!

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I'm sorry, about the delay in response...

Thank you so much for taking the time to get back with me on this. As for the time frame...I don't know if I could say that..because not everyone has the "I have this" attitude when it comes to sales period. I think that anyone could do it...but when it's not a best's usually because they really don't have the interest. I think that if you actually work hard at something ,then you are bound to get it! Eye-wink

So, I think the year thing is nice...but it's only going to work if that person desires it badly! So, I guess in're right! lol.... Smiling

As for the seminars that I asked about..yea, I found out that those aren't "his" seminars really...they are affilliates...go figure eh? lol...But that's ok...I'm glad to read that the books are good help..because to be honest, that's what I was interested in purchasing to begin with! I mean, I'm sure it's a good read, so why not?

Back to the program that you offer...I think that is awesome! I'm still brand new and in the learning phase and I will be purchasing the book hopefully by the end of this month. Either way, learning is hopefully sometime soon, I can benefit from extra mentorship! I say extra as I am networking with this lady who does it too. Again, thank you for reaching out and I so look forward to the call...I'm sure there is much that I can learn about REI!!!!!!! Smiling

Take care and stay blessed!

Responding To Your Comment!

Hi Gentle L.! Thanks for the encouragement! I surely need it!
Congraduations on being newlyweds! Allow God use this marrige to glorify him!
So, you're a Business Major/Clerical. What is it that you exactly do? If it's making you money, then, let me in on it. Your husband is in student in Graphic Arts. I'm also a student in Web Development and Design. It's all the same thing. Well, about Real Estate, back in 1990, I was in an vacation ownership program which is called time sharring. I didn't do well in it, but, I learned a lot. From then on, I studied real estate on and off. Before this Finanical Insider Program, I was in a real estate program just like FIP, but, the company folded up because of fanincial reasons. Now, I'm ready to blast-off to the Moon! I'm studing Assignment of Contracts, because it's ease to understand and work load is easy for now. I'm getting started in this as well as you are.
Any information that you want to pass on to me, then please, drop me a line and I'll do the same for you. Thank you.

My Third Contract!

Hi Nick and Gen! Well, here's my first property under contract for this site! I had 2 other contracts in the past under the same property, but, it was rejected, because, the offer was too low. It was a foreclosure through my bank. Anyway, just copy the web address below and paste on an address bar to view the property and if you or somebody else is interested in investing in a property in NYC, please contact me! Good luck to the both of you!

Hello Nick and Gen L

Just want to say "HI" to you all.

I hope you are doing good. You will be be successful and I know that for sure. DON'T give up!

Have a great week

My favorite Quote Of Today: "No matter what comes your way, shake it off and move forward. When you have a positive mindset, you can't be defeated."- Joel Osteen


Hey Girl

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Remember 1 thing that Dean always say is... "JUST DON'T STOP!"


hope your doin good.... how are things in stick red louisiana ? !!!!