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I can't wait

My pen and pad ready


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Completely Awesome

What an amazing live event, got some great nuggets to use to make at least $5K a month. I'll take the rest of the month off when it happens Smiling



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Learn, Learning, Learned

Thanks everyone involved in all aspects of the webinar...It has absolutely open'd up my mind and soul...Could not however find an active link to the masterclass on youtube or by google...Hope at some point someone might show me the way...Thanks also to all attendee's some whom I recognize from the forums and some I hope to get to know..
Warmest Aloha'z, ya'll


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Ready, Set, GO!

The live event was amazing! The 25:1 4.0 is genius and also the clarification on Private Money was appreciated. I have been excited about getting started with Real Estate Investing for a couple months now. Today is the day that I actually start to take ACTION. I have started Dean's 30 Days to Real Estate Cash and I am on a mission!

final did it

Finally got to view the whole event last night and what a awesome time it was to listen and learn first hand just how much Dean really does for all of us as well as Matt.I would like to get this info but couldnt even do it till today and I dont know if we can sign up for it now.Never in my life have I seen any thing like this!!!!!!!! Much success, Jim ( I still have people tell me this doesnt work, all I can do is ha ha ha on you!!!!!!!! )



Couldn't Watch it Live Due to Snowstorm

but I will watch it today....Smiling.....Thank you Dean & Matt......xo



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Where's the link to sign up?

I watched the live cast last night. My husband and I needed to talk some things as we like to "sleep on it" when we need to make a purchase $500 or more. I have been looking to sign up for the class but I can't find the link.
The link wasn't working last night, so I'm not sure if they ever put it up.

My husband is more hesitant than I am to sign up, and his question is: are we truly going to receive what they're telling us they're going to give us, or is this something where they'll give us a small taste of something so we can sign up for something else that costs more, and more?

I just want to go prepared and know what to expect.

Thank you!


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Hey Mrs. Landlord!

Just wanted to fill ya in on this program you're asking about, and just so you know this program will NOT be the type of program that teaches a little and then asks you to buy more then teaches a little more then asks you to buy again...

This program will be the INS and OUTS of No Money Flipping, and when we call it a Mastery Class we mean it Smiling

Also, the bonuses you will get with it are absolutely incredible. I truly believe the bonuses alone could change your life and then when you start the live training WOW, watch out world, because you're going to be on fire with energy, passion, and knowledge.

The link is https://www.deansinsider.com/offers/flipping/

And please feel free to ask anymore questions! Smiling

I'm here I'm here!

Darylmau, I just wanted to send you the link to the Master Class page! So sorry you couldn't find it last night. But I am not sorry that you are excited to learn more about it Eye-wink.. I can tell you right now that the people who have purchased so far are OVER THE MOON excited and the course hasn't even started!! I think it's probably because of the bonuses that come with it. Wait till you see Dean's 30 Days To Thrive program that has never been released IT.IS.INCREDIBLE!!

here is the link, sorry I talked so much! Just passionate Smiling


Mastery Class

I thought the event was great and the nuggets received were priceless. Just wish I was able to take the class at this time. Already an insider elite member this would have been the icing on the cake. Payments a little to pricey for me right now. (Although think the price is great.) I am excited for the things I did learn so I can only imagine what will be learned in the class. Hope there will be more classes like this, with a little more affordable payment options because just like me I am sure other dg members have other products that they are juggling and don't want to have to stop using to be able to take the course . A lot of the products work well with each other. Maybe something in the future can be done for dg members who already have a product or 2 as far as payment options.

I know, Right!

Glad to know I'm not the only one couldn't find an active link...
Hope you finally found one. I still have not but I'm taking it as a sign. That, perhaps I need to take a step back and not rush into too much at once. Only now getting back into the game.

Good luck, Best wishes. Warm Regards and Warmest Aloha'z....


For every adversity there is the seed to an equivalent or greater benefit
( W.Clemente Stone ) Founder of Combined Insurance and Author of The Power Of OPM

Another question

Thank you DG_Mod for the reply!
The other thing I don't see in the site is the schedule of the live casts for the class. What days is it and what time? I'm EST.

Thank you in advance.


Never give up on something you can't stop thinking about.


The times for these classes will be 6:00 PM EST, but remember anyone who is signed up with have access to all the training even if they miss it!

The link again for some people who have been looking for it is


Please feel free to ask me any more questions Smiling

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