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Joshua Vasquez
Allentown, PA
About Me: 

Hey DG family. Truly believe that the best is yet to come. Looking to network with anyone who is willing to talk. Through hard work, determination, faith the size of a mustard seed, networking, and discipline, the sky's the limit. Specializing in Wholesaling, let's change the economic status of our households.

Assignments, Wholesaling.

Basic Info

Real Estate Investor
No Children
Some College

Sites I Visit

Mainly Just This One


New to the game

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Willing to learn and network. Trying to have another source of income. Tired of being comfortable. Any advice is more than welcomed.

Lehigh Valley DG students

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NY Newbie trying to get started in the Lehigh Valley area. Anyone interested in networking or tips on getting started, please leave a comment. Thanks in advance.


Found my first potential buy

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Sent a letter to the property owner. Excited just for taking action and overcoming fears. Still have plenty of research to do.


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you are on your way !!! keep your determination at this high level and you will be making deals....let it die out and you have wasted your success academy $$$ .it takes work and action with what u r learning.YOU have what it takes....dont let ANYONE tell you different !!
STAY MOTIVATED and do your action items.stay on this site and share EVERYTHING you learn......your first deal is in site !!!

Thanks Jay

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I'm so anxious. I want to get started right now, but I have to wait until tomorrow for my phone call. Aaahhhh!!! At least it gives me time to finish Dean's book, "Profit from Real Estate Right Now!" I just want to tear through the lessons. I have buyers and deals in the waiting at the moment. I feel I just need my coach to help me through it. I want to get started. I have my personal goal of having my first deal done in the next 59 days. I have a vision. I see it unfolding by the end of August. Thank you for the words of encouragement. Keep them coming and I'll be seeing you at the top.


Brooklyn Buildings

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Hi Joshua my name is Leon and I might have a buyer for those buildings in Brooklyn when can we meet and check out the properties.

Lets talk

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PM me at your best convience and lets make this deal happen


Let's Partner in PA and Jersey

I just wanted to stop by and say Hi
We should network together and get a REI club going in our area. Looking forward to doing business with you.
Brett and Donna Pierson

Im a new guy looking for any advise

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thinking about getting some coaching.. but don't feel like getting the "run around" sales pitch.

Hoping to start doing some wholesale deals out of state. anyways.. saw that you were on line and thought you might have some insight.

I am getting back on the horse, after a few logistical bumps stopped us. Mainly just fear i guess.. making the deal, having the right contract.. telling the realtor to make some low ball deals for us.

if you have done a first deal, i would love to hear your story! Thanks so much

house in bx

send me the list and the address of the houses

Add us to your buyers and sellers list asap.

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God bless you always
Keep up the good work.

Add us to your buyers and sellers list asap.

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God bless you always DG member.
Keep up the good work.


how are you man ? I'm still here plugging away at my first.... I have an agent and we are working it...Say hello when you see this ok ?

all the best man....