* * 800 NUMBER vs. LOCAL NUMBER * *

* * 800 NUMBER vs. LOCAL NUMBER * *

I posted this in another thread, but thought that other members may find the information useful.

I have both an 800# and a local number and have found that the local number brings in more leads. For my local number I use Google Voice. It's free and it forwards to any number that I choose. It has voicemail and free transcribing sent to my email so I don't have to listen to messages a bunch of times to capture info. It also makes it easier to distinguish between a personal call and a business call because Google Voice allows you to set the forwarded callers caller ID to read "Google Voice" while it captures the callers actual number in the system.

I love it!

Happy wholesaling!


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Excellent Idea

Thanks for sharing it. I have an 888# and would prefer to stay local, so a local number in my state is just the thing to get this done.


Mia, great tip

Great tip on the voice mail, I am going to check out google voice!


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Great stuff

Great stuff Mia, this is exactly the information I was looking for because I'm in the process of setting up my Google Voice account now. What about the message on your Google voice mailbox, is it the same as your cell phone. Obviously to the person calling it will ring just like a phone, but I guess if they're motivated they won't care.

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