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Chris Brindamour
Barrington, RI
Football, Camping, Hiking, Biking, Photography, Garden Railroading

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Construction Management
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Hello, We'll See you soon

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Hello Chris,

We just wanted to stop by and sign you guestbook! We are looking forward to seeing you in May at The EDGE 2010!

Chip & Andrea

Hi Chris, Congratulations on

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Hi Chris,

Congratulations on your first deal.
I like that idea of buying my first
house with cash too. I'm just getting
started I received my book, "Profit
From Real Estate Right Now" on the
18th and I'm excited. Good Luck with
your future deals.


Hi Chris

We recently found the on-line site for the Rhode Island Investor's club and look forward to attending the March 10 meeting.

We are new real estate investors very eager to get started!

Dave & Dawn George

Jacksonville property !

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Hi Chris-
Your first deal caught our attention as we have/are also looking into the same kind of deal, and I would like to ask you few questions about it. Will you please send a private message to our email: lloydprops@****
Gay L.

Hey Chris,

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I just checked your websites and they are
all working fine and I like the way you link everything together.
keep going my friend your on your way to financial freedom.


Joe's ebook

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Hi Chris,
I downloaded Joe's book as a PDF but forgot to save the password. I remember it was "limited" but I think there were numbers also. Can you tell me the rest so I can read it. Thanks


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It was great meeting in person at the Gain the EDGE 2010 event. Keep up the good work and we look forward to reading about your future deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling Your Friends - Joe and Stacey

Property in mass

hi chris, i have acess to alot of property in central mass. drop me a line if you want me to look for you. i have 25+ yrs in construction and have built 8 houses and 2 ivestment properties.E-mail @ eyuri53@****



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just stoped in to see how things are going, Hope all is well.


Hey Randy

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Thanks for stopping by. Wish I had spent some time i with you at the EDGE! Things are just Awesome right now. Just got an offer accepted! So this is deal #2 and it is from offers I put in before the EDGE. I have put in 15 more offers and about 6 counters on previous offers since the EDGE, so deal #3 should be coming soon!

I am also working on Joe Jurek's Craigslist / e-bay contest, I have 13 items up for sale, have sold 2 so far and have a ton of interest in the remaining items. I am looking at between $600 - 800 in profits!!!

LIFE IS GOOD! If I was any better I would be twins!

looking for a place.

im new to mass. looking for a place can you help?
lexiz75 at hotmail

Got to Keep It in the State

About time I sign yours too! Keep up the excellent work and thanks for all the encouragement you share with me and others. Sometimes that is all you need to keep plugging away!


Thanks for the info

Hi Chris,How you doing? Thankyou so much for the information 2 day's after I posted it Rina got back to me and shared;I just love being on the DG site It's like one big FAMILY helping out each other.It's like opening your very own tresure box a nugget here and a nugget there I just loooove it.I received Deans books the first week of June... Profit From Real Estate Right Now I read it twice;I also got... Your Town Your Real Estate Profits.I'm so excited to start and looking forward to a better future ahead.There is so much more that I need to learn,since I have no knowledge on real estate.I like Greg Murphy's recipe,"The No Money Down King" since I'm living paycheck to paycheck and credit in the crapper ,and no money to purchase any real estate.Chris I would like to be the next "The No Money Down Queen" that is my vision that I want to see fulfilled.Once again thankyou for your time... Dreams does come throught... Cecelia


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Your welcome, start taking action and don't stop and you will succeed! Rina is awesome, I got to meet her at the EDGE and she is everything she lives up to here and more!



We don't have to worry aboutit. God makes it possible for man to acquire wealth. Have A Wonderful Independence Day. Remember our forefathers who were beleivers in Jesus. The only reason America exsists.

Have A Blessed Day. And may The Lord prosper you all.

Sincerely: Martin & Lina Rockafellow

God bless chris

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I'm writing this again cause I don't know if my first messege went trough Sad, but I got the automatic probate finder through perchanceing ''profit in you town'' but how did you get the realestate website for the buying and selling. thnks buddy

Free Website

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You can get the free website here:


Hey Chris from AZ

Thought I'd say hello, I sat on your left side at the EDGE 2010 event. My wife and I started the Success Academy and learning lots. Later, Tim

Hey there Chris

I read your "Deal #2" thread and saw that it was with an REO. I am interested in quite a few REOs at this point in time, but I don't know how to go about acquiring these properties without being able to get an assignment. So I was hoping you could find a minute to help me out a little bit.

If I got a hard money loan (and paid up to 12% interest) how would that work out? What if I had not found a buyer within 30 days? 60 days? I would be getting behind on payments on my loan, right? Or are you allowed to repay all of it upon finding a buyer?

My credit is very bad and I have an income of about $600 a month right now. So I feel as though my only option is assignments.

What do you suggest?


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There are plenty of REOs and you can pick them up cheap. The two issues, they usually need work and you can't assign them. The thing to do is build a buyers list first and find out what they want, they go shopping. If you lock up a deal you can use transactional funding to "double close" on the property. That would be the way to go.


property locators


are you looking for property locators in all areas. I am very interested. I started property locating about two months ago and looking to make as many connections as possible.

your site's

Hi Chris,

I'm a new student just starting out. I attended one of Deans training in Dec 2010 here in Ottawa, Canada. I have to say it has change my life.
I just wanted to say I went on your web sites.
It's great and would like to know how I can create one similar for here in Canada.

All the best in 2011 for you and your family.

Diane Moreau

South/East New England

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Hi Chris,

I gained some goodness from a few of your journal posts and seeing that you're in Rhode Island and I'm on the South Shore/MA, thought I'd say hello. Thanks for sharing your insight.



I tell you what,if you have the buyers,then let's find them some properties.Whatever you need,or your buyers want,i'll help you find them.Just send me some criteria and i'll be on the lookout...Charles


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Hey what's the ebay contest all about and is it still active. If so how can we jump on board. We are in Southeastern CT and just found a huge amount of abandoned property. Right now we have sent out letters offering to buy the properties and waiting for a response. Not sure what else to do about them. We were excited to see someone who lives so close to us. We were out scouting around Westerly also. Give us a call if there is any way we can get together possibly or if you could share a bit of your knowledge of our area.


is to visit all of the national parks in the USA. well i live in natchez mississippi home to "Natchez National Historical Park". So when you get ready to come here you let me know and I would be so happy to show you and your family around. I used to be a tour guide / motorcoach operator. so I know my way around well. contact me thru pm here or we are friends on facebook as well so you can contact me there......