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I just started the RBBP. I am a new agent in the central valley of CA. I have asked every agent I know how to get the cash buyers list from the MLS. I have even asked the customer service from Metrolist. Their answer to me was "when you find out how to do it let us know."

So can anyone let me know the SECRET




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Go To The Local REI Club

And ask the investors there what types of properties they are buying and ask them for their contact info.

You can put ads on CL as well, but you will find these days it's mostly wholesalers answering.

Also call all the we buy houses numbers in your area, along with that you can ask them what areas they have noticed the most activity.

Another option is to look on the MLS for properties that have closed in the last 60 days that were cash - voila cash buyers.


I am feeling overwhelmed, I am waiting on the RBBP to come in the mail, I am so thirilled to bits, with all the info, but my biggest fear is the computer, have to say, I am not very computer savey, so I hope I can get a very! very! patient person to assist me with this, like for instance, how to save all contacts, team members/ buyers, paste and cut and whatever else I may find useful, I am ashamed to admit this, but I need to get past this hurdle!!! Thank! You! I am glad to be part of DG family, it does take me a long while to learn something and for it too sink in but once I have got it! look! out! here I come!!! Jacque

Please help


I am working on finding the buyers tax bill address. What do I need to do when I get to the County Assessor/County Treasurer's website?


cash buyer leads


If your are an agent call MLS helpline to walk you through it as you do it.

If they do not know thank them, hang up, have coffee, call again. Often the 1st person is unexperienced. Do not know what Metrolist is.



Answer to your question... Below answer is from Awaterloo posted under 30 days Quick Cash formula forum. I found a lot of answers from that forum. I would highly recommend you read through the postings there.

Cash Buyers List

It wont be very difficult to get a cash buyers list. I went in the MLS that I have access to and was able to access it. You might have to tell the agent that they will have to manually add a search field to their search under an "Advanced Options" tab. Then they can search under "Fiance Code" for all closed deals as "CASH." If they don't know how to do it, offer to them what I just told you or have them call their MLS help line. Every MLS system has one.

I would not disclose that information that you want to assign the property. It is really not their business what you do with the property. All it might do is scare the Realtor. I was originally doing that, but then my advisor told me against it as well as I was getting rejected offers from sellers.

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