Lisa B newbie needs advice, have approved SS cannot get financed

Lisa B newbie needs advice, have approved SS cannot get financed

Hi All,

I have been approved by the Bank for a short sale in FL.....I cannot get finanacing due to HOA reserves are too low and too many renters in the community.
I am trying to purchase for my retirement home ....need $150K quickly as Bank is ready to pull the deal...
Any suggestions? Lisa B.


Not much you can do!!

There is not much you will be able to do in this situation due to the fact that it is a shortsale. The only thing you can do is ask a family member to put up the money or talk to an investor that you could offer a higher percent of interest so that they would make more on there return than if they put there money in a bank. The main reason why you cant do much here is for the fact that shortsales are very complicated and when then banks are willinjg to take what you offered you better be ready to pay because it usually takes them quite awhile to accept an offer in the first place. Good Luck


I will never give up on anything I do!!!

Thanks from Lisa B.

We had submitted our offer last June....they finally accepted and gave 30 days to close....the Bank we were preapproved with no longer loans in FL....went to 4 other banks & were declined due to HOA weak we are out of time & scrambling. Lisa B.

Post on here the details

Post on here the details maybe you'll get a buyer

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