Foreclsure Programs

Foreclsure Programs

I'm new to the site, just read Be a Real Estate Millionaire and in the process of reading Profit From Real Estate Right Now. I want to get started and thought I might give foreclosures a try first so I've been looking around at the different programs to find foreclosures online. Dean's seem to have the best deals but I've noticed 2 different programs, the Automated Foreclosure Finder, and Foreclosure Alert, I've read on both of them but I'm still a bit confused, has anyone used either of these and can tell me which one I should go with without spending money that doesn't need to be spent?


Foreclosure Programs

This is the difference between both programs: AFF is a system designed to get people facing foreclosure to find you, instead of the other way around.
The Foreclosure Alert is a system that is similar to the AFF but FAL acts the opposite way as the AFF. The 4closure alert notifies the client of new foreclosures in their area to make it easier to sort through potential leads to offer help.


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Losing home in foreclosure

I am new to Deans family. Family is losing home to foreclosure. Would love any ideas of what to do. Thank you in advance

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Hello. Is there no one who can offer advice or options to help people who are losing their home to foreclosure? Maybe this is the wrong forum? Is this site to profit from the misfortune of people who has lost their homes only?


1.Ask the lender for forbearance.
2.Ask the lender for a repayment plan.
3.Never ignore lenders calls or letters.
4.Loan Modification.
5.Short re finance.
6.Deed in lieu of foreclosure.
7.Short sale if they owe more than the mortgage.
8.Sell out right to investor.
9.List with agent and sell if they have equity.
10.Get loan from relatives to bring mortgage current.
11.Walk away.

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