First Rejection!! How did I do?

First Rejection!! How did I do?

Got my first rejection today while taking my baby steps into the shallow end.

Long story short I call a Keller Williams office out of my area just to practice the conversations before I reach out and build relationships in my hometown.

Cut to the second office I call and I ask the realtor if he'd send me a list of cash buyers in the last 90 days.

His response: "No"
Me: "Why"
Him: "Why would I send you a list of my cash buyers?"

I genuinely didn't know, I thought, 'Shoot, why would he send me a list of his buyers?'

So I didn't even brush back over the beginning of the 30 days book so I may have done this completely wrong, my question is did I do this wrong or is he just one of the bad apples in the bunch?

Thanks for reading and any help is always greatly appreciated!

PS. First fail felt awesome Laughing out loud

Cheers and Onwards!



but we have since learned to say cash solds. in other words all the properties that have sold for "cash". then you go to the county website or in person to the courthouse where all the records are kept in your county and look up the addresses of the properties that sold for cash. If the address on your cash solds list matches the address of record its probably not an investor. ON THE OTHER HAND IF THE CASH SOLDS ADDRESS DOESNT MATCH THE OWNER OF RECORDS PERSONAL ADDRESS THEN HE IS A CASH BUYER AND THE CASH SOLD ADDRESS IS HIS RENT HOUSE OR REHAB PROJECT!!

also if the owner is an llc he is most likely a cash buyer !!!!!!




Realtors Suck

Barry, Haha, you had your fist encounter with an obnoxious realtor, well get used to it, because it wont be your last.

Most guru's instruct you to get a buyers list b4 you begin.

What worked for me is the exact opposite.

I went directly to finding deals. If you find some fixer properties at 30-60% of after repair value, get it on contract, and you run a few ads on Craig's List you will soon have buyers up the yang fighting over your deals.

You will need to use some creative marketing like, "Handyman Special 40% of ARV" Distressed seller. Cash Only.

Of course you will soon have a buyers list from all the calls you have received.

Good luck.



Cash Buyers

I agree with Walt that you have to ask for a list of properties that sold for cash. He may have been building his own cash buyers list for some time and really, why would he give that to you?

You'll also find, in your search, that many really experienced agents don't want to do some of these things that take a lot of time because they are maximizing every minute of time in their own work. Sometimes you have to find a newbie agent that is a hungry as you to do something and also wants to build a relationship with you. My first search for an agent I called many before I found one I wanted to work with.

Since then, I've changed a few times.

At least you're taking steps and that will get you to the next place. Nothing can replace experience.

Do this

Don't ask for cash buyers list, ask for cash sold list and if a agent ask why you want this list, you simply say I use it for my investment strategy in that area. Also, I wouldn't ask for this list on the first phone call with the agent. I would ask for the list after I get them sending me properties that fit my criteria. You don't want to overwhelm your agent asking for cash sold and properties on the first phone call.


Reynold Orozco

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