Day 1

Day 1

Ok. So i have dropped everything

.... So as you could have read on my profile. I am a project Manager. Recently; i was working as a PM in a construction firm. Which i was actually making a decent amount of money in but felt i did not have a purpose or a goal for me to actually wake up in the morning and head to the office or the site. A few years back i had lost my job and during that time i almost went broke.. until i finally found one.. pheewww.. <<<---quick background on me... A few months ago i my contract as a PM was about to expire.. i was about to renew it when i felt i needed more.... so i started applying to other jobs in real estate. and found one... ok this job is a as a part time Repair Coordinator for REO properties. It dint pay much but it had alot of potential... so i set up an interview with the owner.
At the interview the it sort of went like so.....

-owner: "You do know you over qualify for the job."

-Me: "yes, i do know that but for heck of if explain to me the responsibilities of this position."{PM or RC have different responsibilities depending on the Company}.

-Owner:"well, the RC will be responsible for the day to day repairs of each properties among other things"

-Me: ok, that sound good.

-Owner:"I have a question for you... WHY SHOULD I HIRE YOU.??"

Me: Well, let me start by saying... You have a PM That in your office that his salary is around 100k. Has a degree in Architecture, has around 7 years of experience in construction. He is about to take the state test to become a real estate agent. Has literally two interviews tomorrow for a PM position that comes with a big salary. The question is not why should you hire me but how long are you going to wait till you loose this opportunity.{what can i say you have to sell yourself}.

Before i knew it he was introducing me to the whole office and after meeting everyone he said.

"listen you will be hire for the position but i we also have 4 different companies in which we could use you in... we invest flip and sell... you will the RC for the main company just to train you with our portals for the first 6 months. After that we could put in as a permanent position on all 5 companies with a bigger salary."

Here is the best part,{at least i think so} when a property goes on foreclosure around Morris county NJ. The banks contact a PM agency to manage the properties.. that one of the companies that i work for.. so i get the deals MONTHS BEFORE IT GOES on the market.. HOLY ****TT.{Language} thats what i said when i saw this. THEN I SAW I HAVE THIS ACCESS FOR ALL THE STATES. OMG.!!!

To be continue....



Hey Mr. Gold, any updates? Hows things going? Sounds like you have a good attitude and will succeed if you can stay focused.
Giv us some news.



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