I made $2,500 sitting on my Butt while watching Judge Judy

I made $2,500 sitting on my Butt while watching Judge Judy

I've been scanning my documents and creating folders and getting to where I can eliminate all this frikin paperwork.

Now I can just fill out my docs on the PC and move them to the appropriate folder. So much easier than shuffling thru stacks of paper to find a sellers info when he calls.

I even scan and save my receipts to folders of my business expenses and etc.

It's so much easier and better, once I got this set up it's a simple wham bam, I can find any document in seconds.

Oh yea, closed on a small deal yesterday, always nice to have some pocket change. Only $2,500 but hell, it's on a house that I didn't think I cud sell. This is another deal I got from sending out direct mail, I never seen this house, never met the seller or buyer, did it sitting on my butt in front of the computer, the only photo I got is from google maps. Oh the Insanity, Technology baby. I emailed the purchase contracts to be signed and my assignment of contract. It's amazing how some computer skills can make you some serious scratch.

Got much bigger ones in escrow that shud close this month.

Let's make some Money.....


Randy Phillips



Made $2500

Congrats Rando keep the good work going what a blessing!


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good job

That is great, what a great deal


just reading the title I knew this post was from you Rando!

ahhh... Judge Judy... even my father-in-law who lives in England is a fan of hers and watches her every day!

Congrats on your deal! Computers are awesome!



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Do you use Docusign?


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rando funny

nice man way to go dude, love it i just got 10k fee from a deal feels so good right. Smiling



Go faster do more! GFDM!

More info

Wow, Tony you made 10K? I want complete details.
Last month was the best month in my life financially.
I like being able to help my family. I had promised my sister I wud buy her a car if she quit smoking. Well, she had a stroke and quit for medical reasons, but I still had to keep my promise.



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