I Used to Have to Work for a Living

I Used to Have to Work for a Living

Wow, my old bird dog Bob that found me one of my first deals about 4 years ago and since then we've completed about a half dozen deals. Well he just called me today. He had a 3/1 1,000 SF junker the renters had tore up and were still in there tweaking. Bob got it for $35,000 I told Bob I think I can get 42-45K for us.  Bob can find them but I got the buyers.
Bob is one good bird dog & we got along great from day one and I've been thankful for the deals he brings in. He's also done a bunch of deals on his own. He's a few years older than me and I'm almost 66.
Anyways, Bob gave me the address, asked if I cud sell it and I got it sold in about 3 hours to one of my favorite buyers.
We just made $5,000 each. I made my 5K because I had built a friendship with another investor and a buyer
Isnt that crazy, I can make 5 Grand from doing that?
I used to have to work for a living.



So True!

It's hard to believe that 9 years ago I ran a business with three departments and over 80 employees. Then my wife ordered Dean's books!

Now what I do is almost like being retired. Actually it is as retired as I will ever get! Real Estate is such a great business. I don't have employees anymore!!

Networking for a wholesaler is CRITICAL!! I get about 20% of the deals I do from other people. Nothing is easier than to make a call to one on my buyers and get 1/2 the fee on someone else s deal. Think about that. Network, network, network.



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