Starting off my first Deal

Starting off my first Deal

soo after reading Deans books profit from real estate right now and be a real estate millionaire I quickly started posting ads all over craigslist and made a few ads today. One think though I didnt start out by making the 1-800 number I gave my real number. well after a few hours a lady called for a home I posed on craigslist (its not really for sale its my dads home). I politely told her that the home is under contract and it will be closing soon so I asked her if I can find her a home 10-30% off FMV and she said yes. to my suprise she is a real estate agent looking for a home for herself, if I find a deal that is not within the MLS then I have a deal. I've took down her information and quickly made an another ad on craigslist in the wanted real estate section

now all I can do is more ads and hope a deal comes through, by the way if theres anybody that is willing to work with me on finding a home for this lady that lives in the RI area, I will definately split the difference


Good job!

Keep it coming. That's excellent! let me know if you find something and if I run across a deal in RI I will let you know.

Re: Good job!

@C3CEO where are you from? I have some properties to look at tomorrow, it is a 7br 6 bath home,the asking price is $220,000 and an estimate of 15-20k in repairs but its mainly the kitchen that needs to be done. im not sure what style of house it is but with the ad I posted this morning I was able to negotiate with the seller about what he wants and so far all he wants to do is sell the property so I might be looking at an assignment tomorrow @ 2 o'clock and 5 more other properties in RI that need work to them done Smiling

Wish me luck DG forums!!!


Good luck to you! I'm trying to get my first deal in (without any money) its been tough, but your advertisement on craigslist has inspired me to try something similar in my area. I'm located in California, but I wouldn't mind helping you out if I could. Otherwise, good luck to you.


Together, we can be successful!

Fellow RI DGer

srick8923, I just wanted to say "hi". As a fellow Rhode Islander I would love to help you find something for your REA. PM me the specs on what she is looking for. Also, you should check out the RI REI Group at the MLS building every month. It's a great way to network and find deals that are not listed.
So, maybe I'll see you next month.

Jean Gilchrest

Fellow Rhode islander

@CAS_investments I just sent you a PM with the specs, and for smasuda25 I'm glad my ad inspired you it is good to see I am helping others get started on thier first deal as well.

Good luck to you....

Take a look in the Newport area. Military is always looking for housing and a place to live, be it long or short term.

Keep up the great work

Disclosure statement

I need help with the disclousure contract

This sale shall be contigent upon the investor finding a buyer that shall qualify for financing according to the criteria of____________ and its finding scources.

My question is what goes in the blank it really dosent explain in the book on what goes there should I leave that area blank for now until I figure that out or no? and one more question after the seller signs the purchase agreement would the property officaly be under contract?

Off and Running!

Self motivation, awesome! Good luck with all your endevours. I too will try your ad in my area FL. Thanks for sharing, i have bookmarked your feed to watch how you grow!

Take care


Dare To Dream & Work To Win


so today I went to look at a home in North Providence, it is a really gorgeous looking home that was foreclosed. However it needs some work done. all it needs is some drywall installed and the kitchen needs appliances and cabs. I is willing to let the home go for 220,000. From what I can tell it is worth more than that. The seller wants to make some profit for himself and if done correctly I can make 20k just off this assignment, however its not under contract though, I am giving him a call sometime today to let him know I can get the home sold for 220k. Hey is there anybody on the forums that wouldnt mind finding me a cash buyer I this is a 20,000 profit and I'm willing to split that in half with anybody willing to work with me on the deal

Good News

The seller is willing to lock up the property tomorrow for 220,000 soo I need some help this can anybody help me out???

not so good news

unfortunately I needed a deposit of 3% of 220,000 which came up to 6,600 so thats a no go, so im back to square one Sad

no deal

soo since my first deal didnt go through, im not stopping the real estate stuff, I got the knowledge to attract buyers and sellers all it really comes down to is how well the marketing is. Marketing means a lot in todays real estate economy. sheesh if only I had the money for the set for life system dean created, I would of had the first deal if I had acess to buyers

simple solution

srick8923 wrote:
unfortunately I needed a deposit of 3% of 220,000 which came up to 6,600 so thats a no go, so im back to square one Sad

ask him for 10 business days to provide the deposit and 30 business days to close

So legally you have two full weeks to get your end buyer to put the deposit down and 1.5 months to have them close

Talk to the owner, tell him the offer you were thinking, say it and have it written in those exact words, once he hopefully agrees, you move forward.

Hope it helps.


Look around all the colleges you live near

Look for 'For Rent' signs and ask if they want to sell

Willing to bet out of 10, 5 will say yes and at least entertain your offer

a word of advice

@elixbrown I havent talked to the seller since that friday he didnt want to do business like that because he was working on a partner with the deal. BUT if he wasnt working with a partner he told me that he would of DEFINATELY assign the contract, but right now im taking the week off from real estate to work on my final exams for college. After that I am going to work on my marketing. For a telephone number I am going to use Google Voice for now on since I dont have to use my real number, it just forwards the number to you and it can act like the automated message if no phones are selected for forwarding. I will report back to you all in a week Smiling

srick8923 can u help me some? PLEASE!

srick8923 Hi my name is anthony i just got done with dean's books and im still really confused on how i can get started with his program i have no money and no more job anymore i have my computer and all the time in the world to try and make money can i do it all from the computer without ever leaveing my house? and if so how should i go about doing all this i just need a lil help toget me started because i really need the money bad with all the bills that been coming in and debt just pilling up on my shoulders real fast. so if you can take a lil bit of time to talk with me on here and give me a step-by-step lesson one making some fast money i would owe you BIGG! so please if you help me let me no asap...THANKS.

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