1st Post

1st Post

Good Morning , how is everyone doing this fine and glorious day . The reason for this post is I am going to my first Investors association meeting tonight , where I expect to network and build my buyers list . On Saturday I am going to a live DG event . I am really excited about this week and I would like to get some feedback and advice about the investors meeting . For some brief background on me , I am unemployed , have no money and have been through bankruptcy about 2 years ago . I am blessed with much just not money at this time .I thank you in advance for your advice and look forward to your replies !



Good Morning!!

Good Morning to you Shawn. It is a glorious day! I too am going to a DG event on April 17th. I have to get business cards and then I'm going to start going to REI Clubs and auctions to start my buyers list. We have 2 that's within an hours drive. I have not yet went to an REI meeting but will soon. GOOD LUCK and keep us posted.


If it's to be, it's up to me! Believe in YOURSELF!

live event


Are you in Wisconsin? If so, which live event are you going to attend?

I live in Maine and I'm

I live in Maine and I'm going to an event in Boston Mass.....it's about 85 miles from me and need to be there for 9am and I can't wait to be there.

Welcome Shawn

Please fill out your profile with more info. You'll get more posts to your messages if you do.

It's great to go to the Live Event...I did. That's how I got the bug.

Best wishes on your endeavor. Most of us start with no $ or credit.

Take care.



"...be; not greedy for money....but eager to serve"
1 Peter 5:2

Hello Shawn

Hello Shawn,

Congratulation on taking those steps in the right direction, like going to a local REI club to build your buyer's list! (that's how I am doing it as well, so it's been pretty positive!) I'm kind of new to RE investing as well. A tip I can share is make sure you bring a lot of business cards during these meetings! When I first attended the REI Club meeting, I networked, talked, actively participated during seminars, and gave away A LOT of my business cards (and in exchange I got a lot as well!).

Also, the links below might help as well:

DG Website Start Here FAQs

How To Blog Or Journal

What do you advise?

80 Ways to find buyers

30 Days Quick Cash Formula

104 Websites to sell your property:

Good luck and happy investing!


Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the advice and support , I am going to have to make some business cards up ,that advice was right on , I got a lot of business cards and found myself writing my info a lot ...but that allowed me a little time to network with other members , it was a wonderfull expierience ,thanks again.

You're welcome Shawn.

You're welcome Shawn. Smiling Good luck and stay inspired!



There will be times when it's tough going and you'll question whether you can do it or not
There will be times when it seems fruitless and there's absolutely no progress whatsoever
That's when you take a deep breath dig down deep and persevere
We here at 4th Wind have had our share of obstacles and challenges since the seminar in Boston 2 weeks ago however we will not relent , we will not quit ,we will not be denied !!
Looking forward to "Boots on the Ground" in a couple of weeks .
Hope everyone has an awesome day !!
Shawn & Torrey

first impression lasts

hello all. well, this is my very first post on this site. and i'm glad i found so i can get enough information or understanding about how real estates really works.

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It's nice to see that you've found your way home. lol, Welcome and gain all the knowledge you can. Also, when you're ready, there is a part of the family called The Success Academy!! Extremely knowledgable Investors ready to hold your hand all the way! The only stupid question, is the one that you don't ask.

Again, Shawn welcome.

Signing Out,


I have finally made up my mind to take control of my own Mind and Destiny. I am confident with the Faith in My Higher Power, I will Achieve what I Believe., In His Mighty Name, AMEN!


Indeed! It's really nice

Indeed! It's really nice forum dear I got many interesting things from here and wish you best of luck.



Hi, its my first post and I

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