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Ronda Love
Minneapolis, MN
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I have been actively working my Real Estate Investing Business for about one year now. I am currently working in the Healthcare field in Nursing. I have been doing Nursing for about 10 years and now I'm ready for a change in careers. I had been seeing Dean on T.V. For years and thought, I could do that investing stuff with no money down, because that's what I had. No Money, to put down. I passed it up for years.,,

One evening I was searching the internet looking for REI information and found some information about Dean Graziosi, I searched through the information for several hours and saw THE EDGE 2011 package, and ordered it. Glad that I did, but THE EDGE 2012 issue came out soon after, wished I could have gotton that one as well. No more funds though.

I, like everyone else, got the call from the PMI Educators, got involved, called in and canceled after a while. I decided to stay in and gain more knowledge. I have learned so much through the training yet, still have yet to do my first deal. As of this date of 1/23/2012 I have been with the Success Academy nine months. Still working six days a week, I have finally found someone that I can JV with.

I met a young lady named Celeste through networking the way the SA teaches. We have been going with my REA looking at properties together. So far our offers have been excepted by investors with higher offers. As of to day, we have three going on, one offer has been excepted, which is a Short Sale. Seller excepted, but the bank hasn't gotton back to us us as of yet. Two more are in the pipeline. One is another SS and the other a Foreclosure. We're in First Position.

We know how long a SS can take, so we have our Bandit Signs ready to go out. If our MN wheather permits. Frozen grounds are difficult to work through here in

We have our Flyer's ready to go out. Celeste has sons that are willing to help with those. Did I mention that I am not mobile and Celeste is. She drives an hour round trip to Joint Venture with me and when I am working six days a week she takes care of the negotiations while I do all the marketing. All the while why I'm working six days a week.

Celeste is what I call a Soccer Mom. She always makes her teen sons games, maintains her family life, and yet, still has time to JV with me. Celeste is great to work with. Her specialty is in Commercial. She has always had a passion in Residential. Celeste has met a few of us MN DGers and admires our knowledge of investing strategies. She too has a mentor.

Together we are like two flying bullets. We are going to make this a Win, Win for all involved with us.

Well, We Will See You On The Other Side!

Signing Out,

I have a passion for caring for others, my interests are congregating with like-minded professionals. Also, finishing what I put my mind to, interests me.

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Real Estate Investor, (CNA) Certified Nursing Assist/Home Health Aide, (CHW) Community Health Worker
No Children
Completed College

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I am ready, willing, and able to start my journey, and can't wait to jump in!
Acutally I've already gotton to the point to where I can't stop reading all of the testimonials. However, I'd better get back to executing my strategies so that I can become the next success story told. Talk to you later.


Day 2

Today I am into my second of waiting for the real eatate agents to call me back with the information that I had requested. Still no answer. Maybe I am being impatient, well I will go to the next step into finding some end buyers. I have been trying to put a ghost ad into craigslist, ha! that didn't work. lol, I was so frustrating for me. I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. So what to do next? "I ask myself." I think i will go back and learn more strategies that work for me. What ever those are.

signing out!

Welcome and Way to go!

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Hello Ronda,

Do not lose your momentum, and do not
let anyone tell you that you cant do
it. It looks like you are off to a good

Wishing you all the luck in the World,

Denver (dwman)


This is my third day into my journey, and still no feed back from the two Real Estate angents that I had contacted, one from Re/max the other from KW. Maybe I'm being impatient again, oh well, I'm wondering if it is a safe idea to email them so soon after my requests. I don't wanna scare them away, making them think I'm too agressive, or should I? Has anyone else has this happen to them? I've make up my mind, today is the day that I email out my requests for the first time. I thought because I had such a great and extended conversation, we were on th same page. Well, My agenda for today consists of 1. Sending out my emails, an finding 10 more Agents to speak with. 2. Get my biz crds make upand going down to the (Government Center) and pass them out to all the buyers in Room #30, thats where the auctions are held everyday. It's raining here in Minneapolis, but that just shows me how motivated, and persistent I am. 3. Plug away in training materials.

signing out,

Still Learning

I think I just posted a post somewhere, I know I did but I can't see it. Oh, well, I'm still learning. Why can't I get back into my homework area?
Maybe if I navigate around here, I might find where I left off. Who can I contact in a situation like this? I could be loosing valuable time getting lost in here. Where am I?! lol,, and THNX, dwman

signing out

Still Learning

I think I just posted a post somewhere, I know I did but I can't see it. Oh, well, I'm still learning. Why can't I get back into my homework area?
Maybe if I navigate around here, I might find where I left off. Who can I contact in a situation like this? I could be loosing valuable time getting lost in here. Where am I?! lol,, and THNX, dwman

signing out

Busy Weekend

I have finished my weekend Nursing job, Now it is study-time and I'm ready to plug away. My accomplishments over the weekend:

1.) I went to work and none of my client landed themselves in the Emergency Room. (that's a good thing).
2.) I received my listings from Connie from KW Realty, everything was all good.

3.) Heather, another Realtor from KW emailed my listings that I had requested. Still awaiting for my CASH BUYERS LIST, should be in my box, come Monday.

4.) I built my own website (nothing at all professional) but, I did it!
5.)I ordered my and designed my Business Cards.

6.)I'v gotton two phone calls, potential Buyers, one's name is Mark, he asked if I could pass off any deals that I couldn't close.

7.) Another guy named Mark as well, asked if I could let him know is I had any props. They Buy Ugly Houses.

Through my listings, I'm finding that the we buy ugly houses guys, (can be potential buyers). So, their telling me that.

hangin in there

I am still hangin, getting a bit ,,,
but I'm stil hang n.

Signing out,

Going into my 2nd Month

I am now with the Success Academy and am looking forward to gain the knowledge that is available. I ran into a small barrier, nothing that I can't overcome. I am still in the game. Wish me well!


Signing Out,

MN Investors

Hello Ronda.
I live in St. Boni(west suburbs)and am looking for other DGers to partner up with or share ideas with in the twin cities area.
Take care,

MN Investors

Hello Ronda.
I live in St. Boni(west suburbs)and am looking for other DGers to partner up with or share ideas with in the twin cities area.
Take care,

NO, This is not easy

I don't know yet, would I have gotton into this Real Estate Investing stuff if I had have know what it all intailed? THAT IS MY QUESTION!

Hi Ronda

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congratulations on taking action on your rei journey!
Looks like you already have met some of the amazing DG coaches, and are getting advice to help you with your deals.

You may want to fill out some info on your profile so that other investors here can know a little about yourself and network with you!
Also, you may want to start your journal in the 'member journals' section of this site (link below) where you can keep track of your goals and achievements!

Wishing you great success,

Just a Reminder that I posted on k's post

Why on God's green earth would one man spend $25K for his own education, only to deliver it right back to us? His DG FAMILY. He could be at home with his Biological family, you think??

If I could do that, I would only wish others would appreciate what I have sacrificied. This man has his own family, why does he help all of us? Ask ourselves.

Me myself, I've only been family for several months, I like Matt entered into the Coaching Program backed out, got back in, and now I am pounding every day striving for my first deal. I am not mobile, I attend our MNREIA, I catch buses back and forth.

I missed the last bus, had to walk 2hrs, 45mins. to get back home. Yes, my feet felt the pain. I'm determined to succeed. I bought Bandit Signs, walked to several intersections, stuck them into the ground on Friday, walked around town, picked them back up Sunday evening.

Mind you, I am still walking doing all of this with no vehicle. Got my Biz cards, walked around passing them out telling everyone that I AM A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR, word of mouth, networking, posting ghost ads, made my own flyers on my laptop, and if Dean can sacrifice for me than I can sacrifice for me too.

With all of this information at hand here, there is no excuse not to share what we don't know. Someone will have the answer. Just ask, I can proudly say that I have met some amazing people on this site, like Rina, Tonia, Nate DaveD only to name a few Dgers I met here and at our MNREIA.

Also, I'd like to thank Rina for the DG group hug we all shared going to our MNREIA and for inviting me to her Facebook page. Where I'm going with my journey is that if we put our heads together and stop trying to keep up with the Jones's WE CAN DO THIS! So, DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP ON ME!(Dean)Eye-wink

Oh, and for all the DG Family, if you didn't wish Rina a HPPY B- DAY, go ahead and wish her a Happy Belated B-Day, Sorry Rina! hee, hee;-)

Signing Out,

Welcome Aboard

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Welcome to the site and the family. Take a few minutes to do your bio because this is where we go to see who you are and what it is you are trying to do here. If you need to ask a question or mentoring PM me. Also, you are posting in the wrong area. Open a journal under the forums and cut and past all your post here and put them there...Keith

Got My Offer Accepted

Seller accepted my offer on a SS today. Haven't heard from the bank as of yet. Agent says could be a few days the Listing Agent is telling us.

Knowing what I hear about how long banks take to negotiate back and forth with me, if they ever do, well, we'll play it by ear.

We are in First Position on Both Short Sales, my agent tells me.What ever that mean. We just signed a one year contract. What was I thinking? It didn't work the first time nine mos. ago. We will see what transpires..

Just waiting to see if my offer gets accepted on this Foreclosurse we just put an offer on Friday. We just made the deadline on that one.

Agent called on my cell while at work, stating that the property that I liked and looked had a 12:00P.M. deadline offer. We put the offer in on time.

I did comps the night before with SA/PMI Coach.

OH!! Finally, I found where to put up my profile,,Woo, Hoo! Now you all can find me,,Peek-A-Boo, I did it!

Now I can keep myself accountable, now I know where my profile is,,,and ask questions to what I don't know,.

Wish Me Happy Investing!

Signing Out,

Opening My Journal

Hi Keith,

Thank you for the information about opening my journal. I had no clue that I was posting in the wrong area all of this Again, silly me.

I have finally found the place to start my journal. I hope it is visible for everyone to see. I never claimed to be the smartest kid on the block. hee, hee:-).

I think I've got it now. So now do I have to go back and cut and paste all of these posts where My new journal is? Oh no!
Now do I have to go and find every post that I was posting in my journal and cut and paste it on my new Journal or Blog?

What is the difference between the two? And what if I can't find them all? Are they all lost for ever?

Well, thanks again Keith, BTW, I have been following you for quite some time, and I must admit, you Inspire me! I've watched your video more than once and would like to thank you for the inspiration.

I'm watching you! Keep up the good work! I'll try cutting and pasting, if I can find them all. I think I've been journaling all over this site, "Not Intentionally." I'll try to fix it. Again, thanks Keith.

Don't be surprised if I PM you and take you up on that offer for mentoring sessions. I am with the SA/PMI, but work doesn't allow me to make it home in time to ask important questions. We will chat later. Thanks,

Signingg Out,

Hi Romaluv22

I just started working Dean's 30-days Real estate Cash system. In fact, called my first realtor today. I've been a Real Estate Investor on and off over the years. Always using the buy & hold strategy. Tired of being a Landlord and would like to try wholesaling. Right now, I could use the cash. I've weathered the 2008 Real Estate crash without loosing my shirt. I'd love to find a local DG group to meet with network and share stories.



Hey fin10free, sorry for the delayed response. I haven't been on this site for quite a while. I did join the Success Academy and as of this date I am still a paying member. Although I don't participate like I probably should. I'M PAYING FOR IT!! I should right? lol,,

I am back in the game marketing like crazy! Still no deals as of today. What strategy and marketing pieces are you utilizing? I'm doing Bandit Signs, Yellow Letters: Inheritance, Absentee Owners, and internet marketing.

I do have my Squeeze Page bringing in my Cash Buyers on a weekly basis. I would be honored to network with as many DG Family Members as possible. I have been getting Sellers, signing contracts, and for some reason my deals are not closing.

That's probably why I am back! lol,, I look forward to networking real soon and sharing notes as well. Again fin10free, sorry for the delayed response..

BTW, I am located in downtown Minneapolis, MN,,

Signing Out!

Ronda Love