Can someone be successful, if they're Ugly?

Can someone be successful, if they're Ugly?

I want to get this question out, in order to get some feedback asap. If I missed a step in a regular closing of this nature, just bear with me. I do have the information, I just might have missed it.

See below for my questions and details.

Can someone be successful, if they're Ugly, because of dental issues? What to do ?

My question: Can someone be successful, if they're Ugly, because of dental issues? Sad

There are only two ways, I can think of to do this?

1. Be a bird dog, and settle for 1K to 2K per deal.

2. Try to get a Real Estate broker to submit my offers, along with my Good Faith deposits to the seller and then me going to the Investor's to close on it, with my profit built into the offer, along with all repairs and holding costs factored in, and I know this is going to be difficult, because I have no track record with any, brokerage firm in my area, except a R.E. Club broker, but he will not do them for me, and perhaps may close on them himself, and especially if I have no signed contract with the seller, or don't do anything fast with the lead.

NOTE: Using a Transactional Funder to fund the sale, and closing costs are how I would plan to fund the first closing between myself, the broker, and the seller with me providing the good faith deposit. I would then go ahead and close the same day (Double Closing) with an already accepted offer from One to hopefully, four, or five Investor's offers for that same property.

NOTE: Exit strategy would be contingent upon the 3rd parties, satisfactory approval of an inspection of the property, should this be allowed with this seller.

My Concerns: Should I trust the broker, or ask for how the details of each separate transaction will be handled, and require the details be on a contract between me and the agency.

NOTE: I cannot see me getting the broker's attention, and I think most Broker's will walk without me having experience, or any closed deals under my belt.

My skills at finding properties are pretty strong, at least I think. I can find homes, but I wonder if the R.E. Agency will just bring my leads to an experienced Investor, thereby, undermining my efforts.


Thank you all, for your upbeat responses. It helps, believe me.


Dental issues shouldn't play

Dental issues shouldn't play a role in RE success. There are several investors that are apart of that don't even step foot on the inside of their investment properties. At their level, they have crews that do the physical remodeling and may have many crews throughout the country. Their physical appearance does not play a role at all.

The appearance that you should concern yourself with is handling yourself professionally.

What is your RE strategy? Which of Dean's books have you read?


The more thorough the question, the more thorough the answer.
Please fill out your profile with as much info as you're comfortable with.


I don't care if someone looks like the north end of a south bound buffalo if they bring me a good deal or want to buy one of my properties!



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your not ugly

of course you can. the first reason is you are not ugly your just human when your genuine people will see you for who you are. the second reason is oh course you can! wholesaling is done with very little face to face you will spend more time on the phone than anything! third life is too short you got one life to live screw what people think. and how about motivation you could easily have you teeth fixed with money you make and the people you mention can laugh when you drive by in a BMW while they are at the bus stop!


So often we are more critical of ourselves and see ourselves differently than others see us. You may be very surprised.

Just make sure that you are clean and well groomed and try to concentrate on making the people you meet feel comfortable. As long as you are a thoughtful, kind and happy person that is what is important.

One of my favorite quotes is by May Angelou, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou.

Learn to do your numbers correctly and concentrate on FSBOs at first. There is less competition, so you can get better deals and you are in control instead of the realtor.

Concentrate on the other person and know your stuff and learn to believe in yourself. You can be and do ANYTHING you want!

I wish you the very best! Now get out there and make your good luck happen!

Keep us informed.



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I ditto what the others have said

Just groom the best you can and don't worry about the rest! We are all critical of ourselves. I go to the dentist regularly and had braces at one time, yet my teeth moved again, and now I once again need braces if they are to be straight.
I can certainly empathize with you. I also struggle with this issue, but still I go out and meet people and forget about what is right now. Just do the best you can and people will hopefully see the best in you. Best wishes! Don't focus on what you think is ugly, but see the beauty in yourself; your confidence will put you steps ahead. Yes, sometimes it is hard, but just keep going!

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Great Post Wayne

I agree with everyone input on this post and I appreciate it because I'm also still learning as well

Wayne I would like to let you know that God created us beautiful in his own image and He has a great plan for your life.

Trust me I have been in your situation before or maybe even worst than your situation. For example, I came across Dean infomercial June 16th 2013 and I would read 30 days to quick all day long without taking any action. For months I was battling with fear of unknown and this fear was always feeding my mind with constant negative thoughts such as REI wouldn't work for me because I'm homeless, no job, doesn't work in my area, etc.

Fortunately I was able to overcome that fear of unknown by constantly sticking to this website and I wrote down my goals in life. Also I broke with my gf back then and also had to cut off lots of relationship with friends who were feeding my mind with negative thoughts. I learnt to love some type of people from a distance.

Here is my suggestion.
1) Control Your thoughts By Thinking Positive all the time
There is power in words in other words when someone say they are ugly, whatever they do is going to be ugly for sure. When we think positive, it attracts positive things and vice versa. Here is what I learnt Positive thinking = Positive actions = Positive Results

I practice what I'm writing to you everyday and I always tell myself and people I come in contact with that I will become like Donald Triump. I don't care how long it will take me but I always picture myself being like him.

Focus on one REI strategy until you master it, focus on FSBO (lots of them on craglist), contact lots of seller that way you see who is motivated for you to put an offer on, when the numbers don't work don't get emotional with the property just move on to the next one because there are lots of deals out there.

Always feel free to post any question which you might have on, we are here to help each other.

I hope this helps

All the best in your REI business


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NEVER judge a book by its cover

I have bought and sold to alot of ppl that 'looked' like they couldn't afford a $1 hamburger.



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Can someone be successful, if you're ugly

Thank You, Wayne and everyone here

All these posts inspired me. I really got beaten up a little, when I posted this same reply on Biggerpockets. Don't ask me why?

I am living alone, and this dental situation, which I will be addressing some time in the future, just is not easy. Finding a date is nearly impossible, and it comes at a time, when I could use the company much more.


Go and get em Wayne

We are rooting for you! Find the positive and go and an do the steps laid out for you. Don't settle for less!

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