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Chris Churchill
Moline, IL
About Me: 

I worked at a big box home improvement center for 14 1/2 years before getting fired in 2010 for not "acting happy" for 40 hours a week where only 3 people that I knew of out of 120+ people liked their job (none of them management). I was denied unemployment because my firing was apparently something that I could control. This denial didn't encourage me finding another employer. Who can control feeling sick upon entering their employer's parking lot?

I helped start a local REIA group sometime in 2008 or 9 with our group's mentor. Our focus is helping local investors who have limited experience in the real estate investor world.

Recently hired on a property manager to manage our duplexes (6-15-2012). I was too nice of a guy and let the tenants stay much longer that I should have. I needed someone to be the "bad guy". The property manager said they were up to task Smiling

My mentor, wife, and I (and several other REIA members) try to attend the local free real estate workshops (the sales pitches) once or twice a year for networking and to pick up any info that we may have forgotten.

My wife and I have also taken a few real estate classes from a non-DG company (this is before we learned about Dean's group). The classes we took were about: Lease-Option, Forclosure, plus one or two more.

Reading, Computer Video Games, a Table top game with friends, Movies

Basic Info

Part Time Real Estate Investor / Couch Jockey
My Pets Are My Kids
Some College

Sites I Visit

Mainly Just This One



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Whats up Chris!





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On entering the free world once again!
Now, how to stay out here. Permanently. Smiling

Let me know if you're interested in teaming up.

Welcome Aboard

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Glad to see you here. If you have a question or need mentoring PM me. I see you have done some of the same things I did. Keb64