Anyone located in the Denver looking to chat and brainstorm?



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REI Clubs

I Live in Colorado in the central mountains (around Aspen). I too am looking for someone to talk with as my area is in its own world. I grew up in east Denver and there appears to be overwhelming opportunities, but I do not know the exact market these days. I suggest you decide on an area(s) to concentrate on. Then google Real Estate investment clubs in Denver area, there are tons, but Denver is a big place so I would narrow it down. You can always expand later
Good Luck

I sm in Louisville and I

I sm in Louisville and I work in Denver. I am a very new investor and would like some company to try to get my first deal off the ground! HELP!
Thanks, Mary 720 6294829.

I am in Denver

and also new to the DG family. I am also at the ground floor of opportunity. Mary, please feel free to call me at any time. 303.870.5352




Colorado - Colorado Spring DG family

I'm also a newbie at this. Colorado Springs is great community and there are tons of deals to be made here. I'm looking for a mentor and/or mentors in this area to help me made those deals possible. I'm ready to absorb as much as I can


Interested in networking with CO folks

I'm a new investor living in Phoenix. My kids live in Broomfield and Nederland. Very familiar with Louisville. I will be spending most of the summer there and want to invest in their area with the possibility of moving there in the future. Would love to have folks to talk with or have coffee with to discuss RE investing or partnering. OK to call you Mary? Any others who might want to get together, let me know!

Sue 309-373-0736

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