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Eric Landis
Denver, Colorado

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Mainly Just This One


Welcome to the Family, Cool

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Welcome to the family.
You told me you are waiting for your books. So I would suggest you explore this site. It is huge. You will learn a lot just reading here. Find threads to participate in, fill out your profile, and start a journal. It is never to early to start. you could explin your REI mission statement, and even start setting goals like logging in daily and exploring for an hour or two or five.
feel free to pm me with questions etc and if I dont know I will find out and then we both will learn something new(WIN-WIN).


-One Step Closer

thank you

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there is so much info here. how do i bookmark some thing so i can see it in my "bookmarks"?


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On the bottom right corner of the first post in a thread is a link to bookmark.