Looking for active investors in New york city to mentor me and take me under their belt as an apprentice. I am a motivated college student that has a sincere passion for the real estate industry. I am extremely eaggered to get into this industry just looking for someone to mentor me and show me steps to getting started.


I wish you all the best

I am looking for the same thing in NJ... its not easy to find though most are busy with their own deals.

You could try joining an Investor Group they may cost around 300.00 per year to get into but people say they are worth it. Also start looking around in your area and local news paper for people who have signs up saying "We Buy Houses" if your Lucky one of them might be in need of some help, I usually offer to do final clean ups or assist with locating Properties they can not get to and take pictures for them.

I keep trying so far not much luck... Also the Friend route can help so your not totally alone, but you just gotta trust that Friend, cause I had one take a deal right from under me.


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Hey guys, just wanted to ask

Hey guys, just wanted to ask what is it exactly you are looking for.

I'd be willing to help in terms of talking anytime if need be.

I would say your best bet would be to learn the biz a little more before being someone's apprentice or 'gopher' as you'll more or less be. And with little experience it will be hard to request compensation for your time.

READ!!!! as many books you can. Start with Dean's books, ask questions or read responses on these forums. Get to understand the basics of the biz and then progress from there. You both are in the NYC-area so pick up the NY Daily News and look in the RE want ads and look for listings that say 'Call Owner' or 'For Sale By Owner' and see what they are looking for.

I'm also a RE agent in NY so if you both need direct professional help, feel free to contact me anytime

I actually have a lot of

I actually have a lot of knowledge on the real estate industry. I have been reading books for the past two years. I am just really looking to be an apprentice so that someone can assist me in doing deals. Compensation doesnt really matter to me at this point, I just someone to show me the ropes and make me believe that this can be done in this market.

I understand

My name is Jamar and I am a birddogger in New York. I just started and i didn't get my first deal done as of yet. Are you trying to own rental property? fix and flip?PM me with more details

I am in Queens NY. If there

I am in Queens NY.
If there is anything I can help you with feel free to contact me.
good luck.

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