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Central NJ
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Hello All:

I have been busy working on several RE deals with some investors. I can not say everything panned out the way I had planned but I can say I still love RE.

I still do now own a Rental Property which was my Dream and Goal but I am not giving up and you should not either.

Currently for those of you interested I am working in a New Industry you will soon be hearing about in NJ.

Its Energy

soon all of you will have to make a choice to save money on your energy bills, especially if you own rental property and you pay the utilities.

Now I get paid when they turn the lights on and you can too just ask me how my email is on my website...

Real Estate, Stock Markets, Working from Home and Mentoring others on doing the same

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Energy Broker
Have Child(ren)
Completed College

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Mainly Just This One


Just got Deans Book

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I am soo excited... I can barely put the book down, I have read many different courses in Real Estate and even tried getting some assignments and other deals, but nothing has ever panned out for me.

I hope to meet others from the DG Family and Meetup in NJ and chat about our deals.
arlenienj at yahoo

Hi Arlenie

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How you doing so far with REI? I can help you make quick money in less than 30 days if you decide to become part of my partnership on finding deals for me, I pay a Finders Fee & the more deals you bring me the high your pay will become because I make sure that my partner is well taken care of, and that's my promise to you Smiling Send me a PM here with your email address if your interested.

I look forward hearing from you soon, enjoy your night!

John A

Hi John...

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I am not really sure how to send out PM in here I am new I only started reading Deans book a few days ago.

If you can send me an email at arlenienj at yahoo.


Hello there Arlenie,

When you want to send a PM, click on someone's name it will take you to a PM (Private Message) screen, you will then type their DG screen-name into the TO: __________ box, and send them a message. It is a personal message that no one else on the site can read.

If someone sends you a PM then there is a "reply to this message" link (works the same way)


My Father just read me the Riot Act!

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no kidding he was ****ed, he said everything negative I can imagine. This from a Guy who owns several Rental Properties.

I have a 3 Family Home I am getting it for 5,000.00 it is a total rehab though, but me and my partner both newbies mind you with no Mentor.

Felt that if we could get it for Cash we could either flip it to another investor in that area or just sit on it, it was the result of a tax sale some time ago and our Investors bought it in a bulk bundle. So they are able to let them go pretty cheaply.

Well my Dad basically told me you dont know anything about houses those investors are all dirty people they are out to take what ever you have, dont sign any documents because they will come and take the house your living in now and you and your family will be on the street.

I tried to calm his nerves and tell him I would not do it and will call my friend and cancel. But he just went on and on OMG!

I was just getting soo ****ed because he owns Rentals and Travels all over basically free off of Rent Money.

I hate that he does not want me doing anything, he said you should listen to your Husband and be glad you have a home yourself.

Hearing him make me feel like crap, just made me want my first deal over and done with so I can show him a check.

What is in people that they feel like they know it all?



Peggie anytime...

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just email me arlenienj at yahoo

we can network and chat about my experience how I am going to get this done... so far my first deal is on the table alone.

I have a property that I am trying to assign I will see if I can get at least 20,000.00 for a 3 family home, that I got from a Guy who bought it in a Tax Sale for nothing.

It is worth around 80,000.00 once the repairs are done.
email me and I will send you the details of the deal so you can see how I do this one by myself.

never give up keep trying to get some mentor help though its not easy even in here.


Hi Arlenie,

I just 'popped' back in to see how you were doing! ...

I am SO surprized to read about how your own RE Investing father is your biggest (as Dean would say) naysayer!

There can only be one of two reasons here:
1. He had a horrible experience in his investing career and he is trying to protect you.
2. He is threatened by your gumption and willingness to get out there and change your life!

Sweetie, no one on this site will ever make you feel like crap ... (if they do, you just let let me know, I will go get 'em them for you! Smiling )

We will support you, root for you, pull you up when you have a bad day and cheer loudly when you make your first deal (and second deal and third deal ... well, you get the picture!)

For the time being though, do not talk to your father about RE. It is that easy.

Follow your dream my friend, my guess is that you can be one of the biggest success stories in RE ever - in the history of the world!!! Smiling

I am looking forward to reading all about it on this site! I just can't wait!


Hi Arlenie

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I just wanted to introduce myself-my name is Alena and I live in Old Bridge, NJ. I'm also a newbie investor but I'm also a real estate agent. My goal is to become a full time investor. I know this is what I want to do but I'm just having a hard time getting started. It would be great to get a networking group together so we can help each other out.

PS. nice dog... we have one too..



Thanks for your message.

I am rooting for you! Smiling


I am new to your group

You have to put the negative people out of your mind. I know what you are talking about, though. It is amazing that your dad owns properties himself and still feels that way.

I live in Milltown. I am looking to start a master mind group that could meet locally once or twice a month to brainstorm and encourage each other. Like minds needs to stick together. Dont let negative people wreck your dreams.

(732) 718-3686 cell


Im interested in your offer.. martymoorejr@**** i live in essex county

Hello All

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I am just checking in, I just wanted to see how everyone was doing.

I am doing great... I have been really busy building a new business and just have not had the time to visit here.

I will be working in the New Economy my job did not exist 3 years ago, and it will be part of the reason more people will be working from home.

I am working as an Energy Broker now I get paid when people turn their lights on.

I am still crazy about RE and will use my job for that reason to buy a rental property some day.

Hello all!

I read Dean's book and started working with a realtor but haven't gotten any deals yet. It's nice to see others in my area. My wife and I work but are just struggling along. I want more out of lif and RE is the way to go. Problem is, no money up front to invest. We are trying to wholesale a property now but offers are too low. I am interested in networking with you guys to get some deals done and share info. I'm in Northern Burlington County. Arlenie, as far as your father goes, make that first deal and show him what I call "the shut up check" then he'll change his tune..Good luck. Dougp63

New Member in Robbinsville/Windsor Area

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Finally getting back into wanting to do more and succeed in REI. I am definitely a Newbie as well. I started approx two years ago and lost my way. I worked more hours at my job and had no time to develop my REI business. I hope joining a group locally will help me understand the system as well as motivate me when things get tough. I live like a lot of others pay check to pay check. I need to get this going now. I want more for my daughter and me. TomH

Real Estate Investing in New Jersey!

Hi John,

I am interested in finding properties for you for a finder's fee please provide more details. I look forward to working with you.

Orkeem Davis