Seeking Folks Living in Ohio

Seeking Folks Living in Ohio

Hi Everyone!
It's just amazing to be on this website and with this team! Very interested to know if our DG family has some folks from Ohio? state of never-ending snow))))


from the Northeast Ohio

Hello from Northeast Ohio. New to the family but learning alot.


Love and Laughter make the world a better place.

its nice to hear from you,

its nice to hear from you, and congrats joining a DG family, so far it's been a great experience for me and i learned so much. how long have you been in real estate, are you doing any deals right now?


i am in ohio. i am just starting out trying to do wholesales. is it possible in ohio. thanx

He bigboss79 If you would

He bigboss79
If you would like, PM me your contact information and i can share with you all i know about laws in Ohio etc. wholesaling and sandwich leasing....

Hey guys

Hey guys I am transferring out to Dayton Ohio from Utah for work here shortly and would like to do some investing while I am there. ha ha I thought Utah was the state of never ending snow......

congrats on becoming a DG

congrats on becoming a DG member and getting yourself with real estate!!!

Hi Jogden, welcome to Ohio,

Hi Jogden,
welcome to Ohio, and good luck with your future real estate investments!!

trying to pm u but seem to

trying to pm u but seem to be having trouble. to do wholesales do u have to be an llc


jogden welcome i know lots of people in dayton maybe we can do some business!

I'm in Dayton, Ohio also...

I'm in Dayton, Ohio also...

how is the real estate

how is the real estate investing in dayton

i don't think you do, LLC

i don't think you do, LLC only helps you to protect your properties in case of lawsuits, if gives you the assurance that the properties you own can't be taking away from you in case someone wants to file a lawsuit. It is something you don't have to worry about but only if you have multiple properties under your name. In a wholesaling all you do is sell the contract to some else. Just to let you know, if you are planning to do wholesaling, your end buyer needs to be a cash buyer, if the buyers has a mortgage, the bank simply will not let the transaction go through.
I hope it helps

Do you guys know anyone from

Do you guys know anyone from Akron, Canton area???

Ohio Folk

I`m from East Central Ohio and have been learning on this website for over a month now. I`ve learn alot on here about doing deals in real estate.

thank u that helps alot. i

thank u that helps alot. i have family in those areas.


it is nice to know there r others in ohio trying make it better for themselves keep goin!

cash buyers

anyone know of cash buyers looking for duplexes. i have a couple of people contacting me in dayton and columbus


what has been your best outlet for success

Hey guys

Hey guys PM me and lets start networking. I would like to get something going before I head out their.

Artem if you don't mind send me the laws of wholesaling and sandwich leasing! Lets start networking and doing some deals.

Bigboss79 I would love to start doing some business together. Well have to arrange to meet up on weekend once I am out there. PM me and well chat more about it.

tennball81 PM me lets make something happen.

Do any of you go to REI clubs at all?

Anyone else that wants to start doing some REI together PM me lets get something arranged.

Investing in Dayton is

Investing in Dayton is great... Dayton has been hit really hard by the Foreclosures... Dayton has its really bad parts of town and then some part are pretty good... You just have to be on top of things... But the outer cities I have beeter luck in...

Dayton has a great REI Club

Dayton has a great REI Club

Meetings are held 1st and 3rd wednesdays of every month at Sinclair Community College... They have a lot of workshops and things like that... A lot of investors go...

assignments illegal?

has anyone heard about assignments being illrgal in the state of ohio?


How are you finding buyers in Ohio? I`ve put ads in craigslist and backpage but haven`t received any responses yet. If anyone has any incite into this I would appreciate any help.


Craigslist is very hard in ohio. not many respondind to newspaper ads. best thing i have found is word of mouth. ball games and community events are my best source


Believe it or not you can do A LOT of networking on facebook... There is a ton of investors on there that post deals and are looking for deals all over the US... Try it...


Hi everyone from Ohio,I am

Hi everyone from Ohio,I am from the New Philadelphia area. It's great to know there is DG members in ohio. Im new and learning alot. Like to learn more info about laws in ohio etc. So excited to start my first deal. R

My investment is my home with an apartment attached

My investment is my home I just purchased with an apartment attached to the upstairs on the back. It is a 4 bedroom home and a 3 room apartment in the Ashtabula Harbor Area. I purchased it before I bought and read Dean's books. It is 2200 sqft, for $10,000.00 which we barrowed from hubby's 401k savings. But it is a fixer upper and we are enjoying the work, will be moving into by June and then I'll be concentrating on my Real Estate Investments from there.
I am not in the academy yet, still working on that with Dan, my husband, He really isn't ready to get that involved yet, That's ok, When I make enough money on my own to join I plan on joining. Going to my first REI meeting in Ashtabula area on 4-13-10 in Austinburg Ohio. looking forward to seeing how it all works. Thank you asking. I try to learn something everyday. Good Luck to all. Tammy


Love and Laughter make the world a better place.


Hey Tammy I have a company that buys bulk reo deals straight from the bank... They have a property in the Ashtabula area... I don't know if there is a bad area of town there or not but the house is listed at $11,500... Don't know if you would be itnerested or not... If so I can give you more info.. PM me...

good job

congrats on everything. keep up the good work

Thank you all!!!!!

i would like to thank everyone who is contributing to this forum and to this website. Its just great to see how is our Ohio real estate team is growing day by day. I believe that networking is one of most important tools to success in real estate and we are doing it!!!Smiling
Jogden if you would like, PM me your contact info and i would love to help you in any way i can!
Scared2Bgin, i lived in Dover area for almost 5 years so we can work together if you would like!
HI Tibobst, i joined the success academy about two month ago, its been a great investment for me and the coaches are awesome!!!if you have any questions regarding the academy please pm me and i would love to tell you all about it!

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