Looking for DG Partners (and mentor) in Idaho!

Looking for DG Partners (and mentor) in Idaho!


Looking for others to give some insight,partner on some future deals, and possibly give me a good kick in the pants! lol.

I'm working a little slower-paced (bought The Edge approx. a month ago and expecting 2nd child in less than a month).

I'm getting a little discouraged with RE Agents not getting back to me. My hubby and I want to buy and hold a few properties, so it's getting frustrating. (9 months pregnant = continuously decreasing patience level) haha.

Also, if anyone is in the North / North Central Idaho region...where are all the REI Clubs...can't find any closer than Spokane WA.

I would appreciate any help or advice from anyone familiar with this region! : )



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I Can give you the name of a broker to work with

He has a few different lenders and can do SFR or Commercial, hard money or private. If you are interested just pm me.

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