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I live in Idaho w/ my wonderful family. God has blessed me with a very loving / supportive husband and a very wild, but adorable 2 year old son. (Also, our second child is due in November...another boy!)My husband works from home and although I actually do love my job now, I'm in the process of creating a more flexible work schedule so I can spend more time w/ my two little boys (and one big boy (hubby) lol! Enrolling in Dean's program is a part of that process! Overall, my goal is to travel and serve with my family giving back...whether it be in the church, out in the community or overseas. My hubby and I want our children to learn about financial freedom simply by how it's modeled to them at home and carry that on.

My husband and I are both from impoverished communities, both from families who believe they'll be in debt living paycheck to paycheck until the day they die. So we made a vow that the buck stops here. We decided to change our family's financial tree from poverty to becoming financially free! It takes a little sacrifice and discipline, but it has been amazingly worth it! Dean's progam (of course with us taking action on it) is going to propel us into the next phase of our financial freedom! We are so excited!

We pray for wisdom and success for all of Dean's students! We are on this learning path with you! : )

I love amusement parks! I love hiking / going on little adventures with my family (even if it's just to the grocery store...or my hubby's second home...Starbucks! I love the outdoors! I actually love bad weather! I love going to Farmer's Markets, Community Events, local eateries / stores, antique shops and consignment stores!

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Hooking up with you in Idaho?

Dear Farren:
Welcome to the exciting world of Real Estate according to Dean Graciosi!
We also live in Idaho, in beautiful Coeur d' Alene.
Would like to work with you. At this point we would like to do assignments or, maybe, bird-dogging.
Let me know what you have in mind and how we could get together and partner with you on some investments.
Look forward to hearing from you!
Michael and ILse