Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Hi! Is anyone currently wholesaling in Los Angeles?
I would love some information on how its going?
Thank you,
Marina Wedge


not LA but san diego

and going well done 3 deals made 14k you?



Go faster do more! GFDM!


In Los Angeles inventory is very low and prices very high. It's a seller's market with the influx of cash buyers from every corner of the world. Wholesale deals in LA are few and far between.

To make money in this market, it makes more sense to be a real estate agent than a wholesaler. Both require enormous amount of legwork, but at least as an agent you'll be working within a organized structure with built-in support, knowledge, access and name recognition. Being a wholesaler or an agent is nothing more than having a day job. They are not considered to be investing by any stretch of the imagination. For this reason alone, real estate agents fair much better because the mere possession of a real estate license will exude both respect and professionalism in this often turbulent and treacherous industry.


P.S. - Everything else is immaterial, irrelevant, and unnecessary.

Real estate market in LA are

Real estate market in LA are very competitive. The housing market has appreciated so rapidly over the last few years. The wholesale business will continue to get thinner within the next year or two.
I, personally, recommend you to pay attention on multifamily 2 - 4 units.

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