What to have a business cards

What to have a business cards

1. Company name & Image
Think of first a business name that will attract sellers and state what you do, for example: Speedy home buyers or We buy ugly homes etc

Think of a good slogan such as "We buy & sell homes fast!", "we'll buy that ugly home today!"

Also think of a good mission statement such as "we help home owners like you sell your house quick for a maximum price with creative solutions". study others

2. Business cards
Put your company name, slogan & mission statement on your cards
First put your slogan in large & bold print then Phone number in even larger print bolded as well next put Company name medium print & then your name & email in smaller print.
On the back have your mission statement printed. You can also add an intensive for referrals. "if you find a home that I buy, I'll pay you $500 cash!"
Print on an attention getting color &/or background.


keep it simple

Everything Harold outlined is perfect! Please keep it simple! I've seen business cards that are so busy, I can't find the phone number! One business card, the font size was so small that I couldn't read the email address. People just want to know how to reach you. Keep it simple.

2 websites that are great for business cards:
1. www.vistaprint.com
2. www.gotprint.com

Happy Investing!



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Business Cards

Thinking of changing up my biz card. When I entered the RE arena it was suggested to me to advertise on my card that I buy & sell wholesale, name, #, email..that's it. I'm looking at the ideas above and also welcome any input for today.


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We have two different cards. One that we hand out to the general public and put on bulletin boards,etc. On the back side it states we pay a $500 refeerral fee if someone brings us a house that we close on. The other card we hand out at REI meetings and when dealing with people in the REI business. That card says we provide wholesale deals and has all of our contact info, emails and websites.



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http://www.mdhomeacquisitions.com Seller site
http://www.mdhomeacquisitionsbargainhouses.com Buyer site
http://www.mdhomeacquisitionshousehunter.com Bird Dog Site
http://www.mdlodeals.com Tenant/Buyer site

Hmm..hadn't thought of that

Two different cards makes sense. Thanks Michael.


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phil 4:13

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