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Karen Ellsworth lives by the credo, "Wake up, be amazing, go to bed." It's a philosophy that demands excellence. She's a forward-thinking, results-oriented leader with the demonstrated ability to organize, motivate and achieve success. She's also a proven, successful entrepreneur with over 10 years of operations and management experience. Karen offers clients a well-rounded view of owning and operating a business. She has a real estate coach for 3 years with experience in rehabbing, renting and working as a loan officer. As a single mother of six children, she and her family have faced their share of challenges. Not only has she found the strength to overcome them. She's found the will to thrive!

Karen has lived and studied in Israel, experienced the thrill of bungee jumping, attended the Olympics, traveled extensively on four continents and ran family business with her children. She's also volunteered as a counselor for over 25 years. In the course of these adventures, Karen's conviction that each individual possesses the power to shape their own destiny, has only increased.

Because of her diverse background she's become extremely adept at adjusting her coaching approach to the different people she works with. Karen always starts by gaining an understanding of exactly what her student intends to accomplish, and then guiding and building toward their next goal, step by step. Consequently, many of Karen's clients have experienced success beyond their highest expectations.

When Karen isn't running her businesses or coaching you are likely to find her skiing, riding four-wheelers, jogging, reading or otherwise savoring life. She imparts the same philosophies to her students. She loves motivating, teaching and encouraging others to get the most that they possibly can out of each and every day.

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Wow! Now that is an incredible Bio

You certainly do know how to use your gifts. I just wish I could have done better with my life as I don't want to be a waste. I am very impressed with what you have accomplished.

I did copy and paste today of some of your posting so I can print it off in a few days. I like to hi-lite and underline things and use as study guides. Mostly what I need to do now is just do.