Yes I know this has been said over and over again but people keep asking....

"How do I find buyers"

Lets all give a little nugget on this topic to help all that need it..
What works and what doesn't and yep even the crazy thoughts out their also.

DGers lets have it...




Repeat numbers on Craig's list or papers and for rent signs are people who already own real estate so give them a call and ask if they want more..


Real Estate Investment Clubs

Real Estate Investment Clubs

Google "Real Estate Investment Clubs + {Your City}"

Sign up and attend. There will be buyers there. Don't forget to bring business cards!

To your success,

80 ways to find buyers by JEFF JENSEN

REIA'S = REAL ESTATE INVESTORS ASSOCIATION OR REAL ESTATE CLUBS OBVIOUS PLACE TO GO TO NETWORK (TALK) WITH LIKE MINDED PEOPLE. i've had people ask me what is the point of belonging to a club. i'm sorry but to me it's like DUH !!!! if you have a motorcycle you probably have friends that have a motorcycle - if a lady likes to sew she belongs to a sewing club. someone may belong to a bible study goup men and women who like to deer hunt or fish may belong to a club. i hope you get the point.... the needed members of your power team are probably there. as well

80 ways to find buyers Exit Strategies Part 3
by Jeff Jensen
80 ways to find buyers:
1. Freebie Newspaper Ads
2. Minor Newspaper Ads
3. Newspaper Weekend Edition Ads
4. FSBO Magazines
5. Business Cards
6. Paper Signs
7. Bandit Signs
8. Door Hangers
9. Bulletin Boards
10. Handouts
11. Flyers
12. Real Estate Agents
13. Expired MLS Listings
14. Open Houses
15. Title Companies
16. Closing Agents
17. Accountants
18. CPA’s
19. Attorneys
20. Mortgage Brokers
21. Lenders
22. Property Management Companies
23. Financial Planners
24. Financial/Money Advisors
25. Investors
26. Home Inspectors
27. Appraisers
28. County Records Employees
29. Escrow Officers
30. Hard Money Lenders
31. Private Money Lenders
32. Secondary Lenders
33. Developers
34. Contractors
35. Local Employers
36. Rent-to-Own Stores
37. Referrals
38. Your Existing Occupants
39. Sub-Contractors
40. Handymen
41. Door-to-door Canvassing
42. Free Gift Advertizing
43. Postcards
44. Promotional Materials/Calendars/Note Pads/Magnets
45. Cooperative (Co-Op) Advertising
46. Legal Newspapers
47. Grocery Store/Wal-mart
48. Flower Carts
49. Benches
50. Bus Stop
51. Adopt a Street Sign
52. Laundromats
53. Car Washes
54. Yellow Pages
55. Restaurants
56. Restrooms
57. Mail Center
58. TV Guide/Newspapers
59. TV Ads/Commercial
60. Special TV Programming
61. Radio Ads
62. Billboards
63. Walking Billboards
64. T-Shirts
65. Hats
66. Community Business Organizations
67. Chamber of Commerce
68. Sponsor Sports Team
69. Sponsor an Event
70. Charitable events
71. Charitable Raffles
72. Host a Charitable Function
73. Local Churches
74. Weekly Hotels
75. Property Brochures
76. Magnetic Vehicle Signs
77. Vehicles Wraps
78. Real Estate Auctions
79. White Vehicle Lettering
80. Club Membership Bulletin Board


REIC is always a good place, I agree Scott.



The list we all should have and use...
Good stuff lets keepem coming..


other investors rehabbing houses in your hood

look for rehabs going on in recently purchased properties in your neighborhood; it's very likely that an investor purchased it to flip; stop by and ask any of the workers who the owner is; go meet him and give him your business card; ask him if he's looking for other houses similar to the one he's rehabbing... yes? bingo! you got yourself a buyer! Smiling



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My journal:

So once I find a buyer am I

So once I find a buyer am I just trying to find property for him? What kind of deal are buyers willing to structure? I mean most successful real estate people that I have come across are ridiculously greedy (I'm sure there are great ones out there), So i'm curious as to what should be said or done to structure a deal. Thanks in advance for any help.


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I always like driving through neighborhoods looking for the ugly duck, finding a buyer rehabbing is a bonus, sweet...
That's a lot of info right off the bat. Think about it, you know what they like were they like and how much they will put into a flip. Yep givem a call and find out how many they buy a year and get contact info. perfect!

I like it !!


Hey Bill

Yep you got it, don't over think this. It will take some work on your part tho, you have to market for them so they will come to you. You can do this by means of internet,bandit signs,flyers,calling for rent ads and so on you get the point.
Walt has posted a great list of them. I suggest reading Deans books they are full of everything we need to do this and keep asking questions on this site.

What you will say, just let them know you have a way of finding killer deals and can you give them a call when you have what they are looking for.


My top ways to find buyers

My top ways I build my buyers list is

1. Calling ads on Craigslist that say "House just remodeled"
2. Going to tax auctions
3. Posting ghost ads on Craigslist
4. Putting out bandit signs to target buyers


Reynold Orozco

Awesome, Guys!

Network with real estate agents/brokers to have access to their buyers or hire these agents/brokers to market your wholesale deal for you. Connect with other wholesalers as well as any of your investor friends who may know of others who would have an interest in your wholesale deal. Connect with general contractors and property management companies. Contact local housing organizations to see if they're seeking to acquire additional properties to renovate for the low income - mid income families. Check out your online investing communities via and begin to network. The last one I can think of right now is to contact churches and ask if any of their members may be seeking affordable housing in the community. Tell the contact person at the church that you seek to serve others and that it's your passion to provide solid, affordable housing to the brothers and sisters in Christ, if one practices Christianity.

***** Tip of the day, or, well...hour, haha! *****

Just as you may contact churches to see if any of their members are looking for housing, feel free to contact these institutions to see if they are willing to unload some of their inventory....especially if the properties have not had their taxes paid for a long time. If you have access to an online public records system that allows you to plug in an owner's name or organization's name to see all of the properties owned, this strategy would be magnificent for you. In my town, Trend MLS allows us to acquire the above information. Also, is an awesome tool that can allow folks to retrieve sold real estate data, as it provides names of buyers.

Hey Reynold

I never thought about "house just remodeled" it makes so much sense, I'm going to give that one a try for sure.


Hi Nicole

Churches, that would also help out the community as well, outstanding!!
Along this path we are taking, it is always a good idea to give back..

Good job DGers...


Thanks a bunch! I am very

Thanks a bunch! I am very thankful for the advice of everyone on this site. Smiling


The secret to living is giving


Call contractors and tell them that you are an investor and ask if they work with other investors. If they say "Yes" ask them for three investor references.

Bingo! Call them to see if they would like to be added to your Buyers List.



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Hi Karen

What a way to get references on a contractor and get buyers...

I like it...

You know me Karen im going to keep asking questions that bring out answers and other questions and I hope it helps all DGers..


Crazy but works

I have only done this with "tired landlord's" because of cost.

When you know of someone wanting out of the properties they have this little trick helps.

Send a letter with a Dollar and Two nuts in it, when they get the letter they feel the nuts and think "what the hells in here" yep they open it and find a dollar and two nuts and a letter saying how you can help them and there's more were that came from and your nuts if you don't take my offer!
You gotem they will talk with you about the properties AND other buyers they know of.....

DGers lets keepem coming to help all to get going and make it happen!!


Hey, Aaron!

Very true, it indeed helps the community out!

Hey, Aaron!

Very true, it indeed helps the community out!

Hey Nicole

If you want to think deeper on that, once you start doing deals in an area and word gets out the buyers will come to you just by word of mouth, yes some buyers go to church..

Good karma..


True Indeed

and an awesome feeling that is!

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