Craigslist Ads

Craigslist Ads

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone know that i put 12 ads on craigslist today in one hour looking for Investor and Tenant buyers obviously for my buyers lists, i had used some of those ads that Greg Murphy and Carol Stinson provided for us but i also used many of my own. I had used 12 different ads in the same area of the country and got 11 responses within 2 hours.. I have already qualified 6 as investor buyers and 5 as tenant buyers and already on the prowl looking for properties to fit their criteria....I like many others was a little skeptical at first but took action and saw it pay off really quickly.. I will now continue to grow my lists from day to day until i feel comfortable that i have enough quality, powerful and strong buyers to grow my business. Just wanted to share with those that maybe having a difficult time getting started as i was. So just take action and it'll happen for you.

If anyone needs some ideas on the ads PM me ,i'm sure i can help!

Happy Investing



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craigslist rules

Martin; Craigslist told me I could only place 1 add per week of the same type. How did you pull it off? I am glad to see it worked for you! Keep up the Good Work.


The Rules!!

Hi Andrew,
When i was placing the ads i made all the ads short (3 or 4 lines) and to the point but changed the wording and the title each time but basically each add said the same and was aimed at the same buyer whether it was a tenant or investment buyer.

The Ghost ads were also placed in different catagories but same area. But it's the wording that finds your buyer, just say it differently each time. You'll find your targets as i did quickly.. But i am not saying it will work for you as quick as it did for me, i was being aggressive, you get out of it what you put in.. I decided i wanted to get buyers fast so i took massive action..and will continue to do so as each and everyday goes by, it's the only way i know how.. Since i made the post last night i have qualified 4 more buyers, a total of 15 in a few short hours..

When placing your ads i always think as DG does that you need to think a little differently, try things out, you might be surprised!! It works! I will be trying many other FREE outlets today with the same ads to hopefully get more response. It's working for me right now and as Greg Murphy keeps saying you only need 10 to 15 quality buyers on both your lists that will enable you to be successful, once you can match them up with a seller, which shouldn't be a problem i'm sure.

Later today i'll send you over my ads with other relevant info for placing these ads.

Here's to your success



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Craigslist AD


I have been trying craigslist but with no luck. There is a guy out there tha says he can bring in over 100 buyer leads a week. But charges and arm and a leg for his info. Sad.

Can you also send me over your ads that you are using. I will share what I have been doing as well.


Where do I find the ads?

Good Morning,

Where do I find those ads that Greg Murphy and Carol Stinson provided for us?

I've been looking and have seen them, but am a bit overwhelmed (at this point)with all the info. available and navigating around in the system.
I joined a long time ago but finally have the time and will to try.
Thanks for any help!

The Greg Murphy and Carol Stinson Ads


That's great that you were able to use Craigslist! I am also a witnes that it does work. Also do you have the Greg Murphy and Carol Stinson Ads? I can't seem to find them and would love to use them in my area of the country. Thanks, BIZMAN61


Martin; Thanks for the info. Aggressive is probably the key. That has never been my strong point when it comes to marketing. I also have trouble with ghost adds, because I was brought up not to lie no matter what.


I found them !!
The ads that Greg Murphy and Carol Stinson provided for us can be found in the "Success Students" pdf. report.I had saved it and don't know where I found it but hopefuly this will help.

Craigslist posting

I've been trying to use Craigslist to build my buyers list and a lot of my ads have been flagged. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Martin, I would love to see some sample ads of yours and put them to the test in my neck of the woods!

craigs list

Hello all. I recently purchased software from an investor in Florida that automates list building on craigs list. I make NO money on this, just wanted to share. Peter


Peter D. MILANA P.A.

Just a Little white lie!!

You were obviously brought up well by your parents and family. It is just a little white lie that you only have to do once to each buyer..they are not to know the property wasn't available..

I look at it like this, if you were to place an ad for an actual piece of real property then you would hope to get several inquiries, now if the very first inquiry about the property actually purchased the property you would then have to tell all the buyers inquiring there after that it had sold , right? So just think of it as real property and that you only have to do this once to each because once you have their criteria and info , you know what they are looking for and can start the search for property you want to send to them. Once you have done a few deals with your buyers you can then clear your conscience and tell them the truth, by that time it probably doesn't matter anymore...

Don't forget not all ads you put out there are going to get a response where you need to tell a little white lie just to get their info. Some of the ads i'm using i getting both types of buyers without having to tell a little white lie.

Being aggressive can probably take as little as 1 hr aday as long as you have all the info in front and know where to put it..

Touch base later.Glad to help if i can!!



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Hi Gloria,

Will touch base later with you and send something over that might be able to help.

I believe with these ads you need to be agressive as i have mentioned to Andrew, only takes an hour at most once you have the resources available to you and knowing where to put them..

Another thing to do ,before you input the same ad a second time, make sure you delete the previous insertion and change a couple of words or the title around so a buyer that has already seen your ad but took no action might see the new ad and take action this time.. I alternate my ads once every 2 weeks.. Delete the old insert the new fresher ad..

Hope this helps a little, glad to share my experience!



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Help with ADS!

Hi Mwhite2,

Will try to send something over later for you.



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Hi Laird

I have been trying to find buyers, too. But the process has been slow and I haven't had any success...I'd love to try craiglist, but how do you do it without being flagged? Will u send me some samples of your ads to me, also? I'm really looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks and I'm glad craiglist is working for ya! =)


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Not for eveyone!

Hi All,

Just wanted to say also that my experience with the craigslist ads is working for me with the ads i have put out aggresively, but might not work for all!

To get the response i am getting and is now 21 qualified buyers in less than 24 hrs as of a minute or 2 ago, you have to put more than one ghost ad at a time out there , the more VISIBLE you are the quicker you will catch someones eye,also keep the ads short and to the point. When i'm reading an Ad i like it to tell me what they are offering in the first 2 lines , once i get past that i move on, i believe its the same for mostly everyone, but i could be wrong!!

Let share more later.



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Hi Icybluedream,

Will catch up with you later with some info.

Gotta go cut the lawn for my new tenant!!



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Hey Patrick,

Let me know if i can help you more.. Teamwork will make us all successful, thats what i love about DG website..




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Put me on your radar as well, Martin.

I'd love to get some of that info.
I just started the 800#, & now I'm moving to the marketing phase of my REI plan.
Will be looking to CL, other free ads, flyers, & road signs over the next few days!

Any input/help will be greatly appreciated!





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Graigs and Carol Ads

Hello DG Family,

You can get the ads that Graig and Carol us direct from Deans books if you have them and also if you have been folloewing deans bolgs and video about the set for lift system you can down load the blue print which has them plus much more info happy investing family.

Traveler Investment Property


Harry E Moss Jr


Hey Martin,

Sounds like you've got something unique that works. Would you mind sharing some of the ADS you post? I would love to give it a try in my area.




Tracy Coats

CL- Ads

These ad ideas are great.
They really helped give structure to my brainstorming.
Thanks for the help!

CL- Ads

Ditto, Martin.

The ads are a tremendous help.
I look forward to passing on any tips that I have available.

Onward & upward.




"If you STAY ready, then you ain't got to GET ready". -Will Smith-

Craigslist account?????

Do I need a 24hr auto-response number setup in order to post an ad on


To Z and PatrickF, so glad i could be of help! If you get stuck for other ideas give me a shout.



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CL Account!

Hi Robert9th,

You don't need a 24hr auto response # . I find that most of the time when placing ads for myself the responses i get usually come via email even when i list my Tel#. So now i ask them to email me for more details and once i have their info i give them a call.

Hope this helps!


Dare To Dream & Work To Win

CL Ads


Would you send me the ads you use?




Thank you Martin for starting this thread! I have an investor/buyer coming to town and I knew I needed to JUMPSTART my buyers list as Dean states over and over again but was not sure of the best way of going about it. I thank God for my answer from you!!!

Thank you also to Harry "tip" for where to find the ghost ads, in the Blueprint from Dean, thank you Dean!
And thank you rbj228 for the additional free advertising source.

And, thanks to everyone on this thread and this site for sharing your experience and knowledge. I cannot wait to be able to help others when I start ripping on my deals!

Well, its time to get to work!

craigslist ads AND LEADTACKLE

ALSO ON CRAIGSLIST IVE BEEN FLAGED 3 TIMES AND TEMPORary suspended twice... all in two days.. but they let you come back after awhile. but im going to try to word my ads diffret this time like "Laird Property" said do..

Good stuff!!!

Hey Martin, Guys!
could you please pm me the ads you are using? thanks Also, one of my favorite adds for buyers i have been using is
Posting title: Selling 50 cent on a dollar homes!
Posting Description: I am a real estate investor. I am always scouting for properties and I think I have a knack for finding really good real estate deals. I only negotiate on properties that have excellent equity and return. If you are interested in great homes, good locations and low prices, please send me an email.
Thanks, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

What will happen is, the buyer will respond with an email asking about properties i got. What i will do next is ask him couple questions about property criteria they are looking for etc. The next step would be to find the phone number and follow up!
I hope it helps!

Temon, wht is...

...the success rate for this ad? Do you put any pictures in them?

Sample Ads for Craigs List

Hi Bixman61, I am new to the game. I am working on building my buyers list and wanted to find the Successful Students pdf. Can you tell me where you found that pdf?

Thank you so much!


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