Bank of America Above the Law

Bank of America Above the Law

Well, despite BofA receiving my reinstatement funds, and my dealing with the cumbersome (understatement) phone call merry-go-round, BofA conveyed my property and it is on its way to sale on the market.

Bank of America Stole my House!

Inside BofA, their response resulted in complete lack of accountability and action.

Just as a start, I have posted a complaint with the AZ AG which is suing BofA for other illegal practices, such as breaking in and locking up homes before the sale, not moving through the eviction process at all. I may have to take further legal action. From now on, I have had enough of this. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

So, anybody else having a bad time with any particular bank? Let's effect the change!
Attached below I've included a pretty good article..


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Bank of America Above the Law

Good Luck with your journey.

Thank You for sharing.

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