100% Owner Financing Deal - No Money Down!

100% Owner Financing Deal - No Money Down!

I am looking to sell a 4 unit multi-family property in Binghamton, NY.

The gross rental income is about $2000/month, with about $500 rent per unit.

I am willing to owner finance the property with $0 down with the terms proposed by the buyer and mutually agreed.

Please contact me if interested. Thank you.

Anybody interested?

Anybody interested?


Howard, i just sent you a PM. I would like to see the property because I am very interested.
Thank you

I just replied to your PM.

I just replied to your PM.


Send me a pm along with the address. I am 1 1/2 hours north of that prop. Let's see what we can do here...Jan

Hi Jan, I have just PMed

Hi Jan,

I have just PMed you.

Give me a call if you would like to move forward, thank you.

Property is still available,

Property is still available, let me know if interested.



Is this property or any others available?

Thanks, Derrick

Yes property is still

Yes property is still available. Let me know if you're interested. Please PM me.


I am looking to partner up with investors and RE agents in the state of Mississippi, Missouri, Luisiana, Carolina(N & S), AND Texas. I am up here in the state of Utah and I am also looking for REIs up here to connect with. So far, I have an agent up in Oregon that I am working with and I can hook anybody up with these awesome deals he has been sending me. I have multiple properties coming in from Oregon every week. All you have to do is let me know.


Deimen Lihpai

Interested in financing a home


My name is Michelle and this is my first time on this site. Dean words are so inspiring to me. I saw it on the television last Saturday, and I knew this is where I need to be. My husband and I will be attending one of his class this coming week.
At the moment we are renting. We need a home for our family, and feel the need that this is the starting place for us to achieve this goal our ours.
Our credit is not extremely bad, and it is not great also. However, we need directions on how to go about owning a home this year.

We are currently living in the Rochester, NY area.

Thank you.


Property Manager.

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