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I am an entrepreneur who loves real estate

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Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur

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Mainly Just This One


Hi Raymond!

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Welcome to DG . com! Thought I'd stop by your Guestbook and say hello as well! And "you're welcome" (on your thank you message in Ersie's forum thread regarding your "Success Academy" question. Smiling

Good luck and happy investing!


Bandit signs??

Are hand written bandit signs more effective?

good deals in greater orlando area

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I am new to the group, actually I just ordered Dean's books but not received yet. However I have been so excited about you guys success stories. I am interested in finding investment properties in greater Orlando area, any auction or tax sales scheduled recently? Any savy realtor you can recommend? Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

Hi Raymond !

Welcome to the DG family. We are working localy near you in northampton county and Jersey (warren county). Give us a call and we can network together neighbor.
Keep reaching for the stars
Donna Smiling


Hey Looking for help to create a cash buyers list if there anyone or on here that want to pair up This is my first job here want to do a wholesale here.

I like your study topics

! just recieved my books and am so excided to start studing all I can! I took an interest in your ste of living on Real Estate. Iwill check out some of those sites you have visited to learn as much as posible from them. Thanks and God Bless!

Networking, Help

Hi just wanted to say hello, can you give me some ideas how to start this journey, I am in Cleveland, Ohio. Anything you can recommend. Thanks

i have a question

Hi. I am a bird dog and my fee is normally set for finding properties.. but here recently I have buyers wanting apartment buildings and homes in the price range of 1.5 million dollars and UP. Do you suggest I increase my finders fee for prices over a certain price?
Thank you!

Find it and Fund it

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Hi I was searching for some investors myself as I am starting out wholesaling. Then I got a phone call from a Real Estate Telemarker talking about a fantanic program for only $475.00. Comes with a Real Estate Coach and between 8,000-10,000 Cash Investors through out the USA. Check it out. . Good Luck!