How i turn my taxes check to aquire 2 properties!

How i turn my taxes check to aquire 2 properties!

I used my taxes check and purchase 2 properties:
One duplex with 3 beds and 1.5 baths each, and a Fourplex with 1 bed and 1 bath each one.
I sign closing documentation for one on May 17 and the other on May 24.
I just received an offer for the fourplex for $8,500.00 and waiting for an offer for the duplex for $5,999.00
If you use a little cash, imagination, persiting and no matter what others say, you will come with a deal!
This are my first two, and i am working now with a partners/investor and we are closing 4 more properties and will start rehabing one.

Check this link:

Hey: if you need help, let me know.



congratulations! great job!


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Way to keep the pedal to the metal and keep busy Ernesto. Networking is one of the things I took away from the Edge2012! Great job!


Moving forward daily will get you to your goals!
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Ernesto's first purchases

Great job, you are my encouragment. I have submitted 2 offers but didn't get either. Lots of offers were under contract before I got my offer in. I've been trying for a few months. I'll think about your success and try again. Sandra


Sandra D. Gaskill


How much did you pay for the duplex and the fourplex?

Keep the spirit high!

Hi Sandra:
Dont give up, just keep trying. I did not close my first deal until 3 months later.
There is some parameters in order to get an offer accepted, usually i offer 40% lower than asking price, and keep negotiating. If i can help, juset let me know.
My best wishes,

duplex and fourplex

I can tell your what i am selling them:

Duplex 3beds / 1.5baths per unit $5,999.00
Fourplex 1 bed / 1 bath per unit $8,500.00

If interested, just let me know.

My 3rd property aquired today!!!

Just got my third property today:
3 beds / 2 baths single family home.
I will let it go for just $5,500.00
If anyone interested, let me know, its free and clear, no debts.


Hey Ernesto, Im new to RE

Hey Ernesto,
Im new to RE investing. I dont fully understand the price on the properties and/or the price that your asking. Is the monetary amount that your asking (8,500 & 5,500) your profit? thus the buyer gives you your part (8,500 & 5,500) Plus the actual amount of the property and any other fees that may be required??

Hi andrei

The asking price is the full selling price of each
You pay that and you own the property free and clear.
Just a little extra fee of $300.00 for paperwork and thats it!
I also have the contractor ready to do the reairs needed.
I can also take care of managing the contractor for you so
You dont have to streas out dealing with him.
Just let me know what do you eant to do
And we will figure out a win win deal for both.
If you have anu question feel free to ask.

Very Cool!


looks like you're on a roll! congrats!!!

How much repair is needed for the properties? What's the ARV? How much will they rent for?

wishing you continued success,



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Hi Valerie:

Go to the link below, your questions have the answer there:

Just click on Inventory, and scroll down oneachproperty.

If youhave any question, please use the email on website to contact me or send me an PM.

After months of work, finally pertner with investor!

Hi Deans Members:
Just wanted to share, to encourage those who are close to trow the towel:
After hard working for 6months, i finally parter with an investor and we just close on 4 properties in the past 30 days. We will repair them and put them for sale. We start repairing the first one and will be ready for sale next week form today, May 18 2012. The beauty of this is that I am in California, the properties are in Michigan, and i dont need to travel or being there to purchase,repair and sell them!!!!!
I worked hard to make a great team that includes the investor, the real estate agent,the contractor and the property management, all working togheter to make PROFITS!!!!
If you are strugling in closing your first deal, dont hesitate to contact me, i will be more than happy to help you.
Visit my rookie website:

I am not pretending being a wise guy, i just wanted to share this to encourage you to dont give up.
I am not good in English, my primary language is Spanish, i struggle speaking english, but this not stop me to pursue my dream to become independent. I have a regular 40 hours job, and i am working part time Real Estate Investing. Its not that easy to get a property, lots of paperwork,calls,emails,payments,title companys, etc. etc. etc.
But if you are persitent with your desire to success, eventually will se the results.
Dont give up and keep going!!!



Dean, thankyou again for another 'shot in the arm,' Am thisclose to tying up another deal. Thank you for all you've done for my family and I!




Keep it going!

Looking for some one to net work with in our great DG family!!

Hello my great DG Family,Im in the Columbus Ohio area,An im looking to net work with someone to work with!I have a few deals in action but have not sealed the deal yet,but getting there some Im just not at the point were I can maximize on all of them,but you maybe thats one of the things I Love about this site an the DG family,you can always find others willing to help!so I'll pass the ones I cant act on at this time maybe you can!! SO if your in my neck of the woods reach out an PM me! Blessing an happy dealing...


Jamie L


Keep it up!

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