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Linda Michaels
About Me: 

i am the mother of 3: Desiree, Danelle and Jared. i have a grandson,Grayson, granddaughters, Kadence, and Gentry. since 2000 real estate investing has been my passion. for years my mother told me the money was in real estate. i have been a member of 3 real estate clubs and have been on the board of 2, and held several offices in 1. when i was married i was not allowed to invest, so i educated myself as much as i could and developed a reputation for having a lot of knowledge and access to a lot of information. to this day, people still come to me with questions because they know i have the education and it's my passion, despite only having done 1 deal and that was a refi on my own residence years ago. the past 5 years have been spent rebuilding my life after a divorce, dealing with my mother's terminal illness (she passed away in February but outlived the doctor's estimation of life by 10 years) and my own health issues. now i'm down to dealing with my own health issues, which hopefully are on the healing end of things. i love to study real estate investing, talk about it, consult on it, put people together for deals, but now it's time for me to do my own deals. i think my biggest issue is fear. i have some support to be a real estate investor, but i still need to prove i CAN do this. i know i can do it, but right now i really need hand-holding and a good kick in the rear. i am a student with the Success Academy, and so far it has taken me farther than i've gone on my own. i love Dean's books and how he offers alot of FREE or inexpensive things, especially since i have been (proudly) unemployed for 3 years. i do have to have income coming in ASAP. i hope to be able to change this profile very shortly here to talk about my deals and how my life has changed through real estate investing.

real estate investing, studying. reading. travelling. seeing my kids and grandkids. networking.

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Real estate investor, newly licensed real estate agent
Have Child(ren)
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Hey there, I saw your comment on my post.

We are both starting this around the same time. I'll be following you on your journal if you do one. I'm looking forward to talking to you more as we grow and become successful.

I usually say "Good luck" to people but this isn't one of those times. It's not going to be "luck" that's going to get us to the end. If you take Action, you better believe I will too. Your older, probably wiser, know more about this REI stuff than I. I'm scared, this is a whole new world for me.

Glad to meet you and wish you success on your journey, Keep in touch

Hi Linda!

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Love reading your journal. This kind of support is really great to me. Where else are we going to find it? I wish you heaps and loads of success and fulfillment in the process.



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Thanks for the Kudos Linda, for an interesting story sse my post "Something from Nothing" here @ DG. Amazing how things work out sometimes, best wishes as you go foward from both of us.


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We just wanted to stop by your guestpage and wish you continued success with real estate investing. Each day as you gain more knowledge it gets you closer to your goals. Keep up the good work. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe and Stacey

FSBO 3rd party laws

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hi Linda; on dean's pop search page it say's that 3rd party inquiries are subject to a $1000 fine. is there a way around this as an investor?

andrew from ca.

Oklahoma REI

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Hey Linda
I saw at one point in your journal you were in Tulsa. I may have missed it but do you live in Indiana or Oklahoma. I live in OKC and I am looking for someone to network and learn with. I love your story so far and I have decided I have to get moving Fast.


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i'm sorry; i just found this message. i'm not much of a computer techie. i have no idea. what do you mean by 3rd party inquiry? can you PM me so i make sure to get your message? thanks.


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Hey.....my journal can be found at http://www.deangraziosi.com/real-estate-forums/investing-journals/46130/... (I think) thanks for the encouragement....I hope to post more often...I just don't want to bore anyone when nothing is happening....

On Your Way

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Good Luck Linda and welcome.



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did i say thank you? if not, thank you. i'm all mixed up with my account stuff. haven't quite figured it all out yet. Smiling

peer to peer lending

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Would you mind passing on the info on peer to peer lending? What a great idea.


Hi Linda

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Just signing your guestbook. See you on DG.com! Thanks for the positive words!



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i forget to check this guest page. i was reading someone else's and remembered to check my own. LOL! Smiling


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Wishing you all the best! Hang in there and NEVER GIVE UP!



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I have to prove myself too. My family doesn't think I know what I am talking about. They do not have much faith in my ability. Especially in this market. They see it as bad, I see it as great! I have done some pretty creative deals for our own personal homes and such but this is were the tires hit the pavement. We will either sink or swim. I am a good swimmer and don't plan on drowning. But I too am scared. Lets keep each other accountable.


Joining the group

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I would love to hear from other investors in Indiana. I currently reside in Indianapolis and would love to network with others that are seasoned and new to the industry. I'm not trying to compete, for some reason people think thats what its about but I believe in the scriptures when it says that there is strength in numbers. I hope to hear from someone soon that wouldn't mind conversating about the business as well as keeping the inspiration and motivation among one another flowing. Be Bless!


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I was rteading a apost where you said that u were going to join the success academy I was wondering if you ever did and how it worked out for you

May You have Great Success

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May You have Great Success on your Journey!

Thank You for All that You Share.


Were to find a mortgage broker?

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I've had no success finding a mortgage broker, is there a site among DG to help or do you know of one. I live in Maine. Thanks a million.



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did i ever reply to you? i forget to check my profile page and i'm way behind. are you keeping a journal? if so, what is the link? how are things going for you?


thanks greg, i just started to read deans books and follow the website for other peoples input.

appreciate the welcome



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i'm not sure who Greg is, but i send you my welcome as well.

from indpls

respoinding to your request for other investers in indy
my name is lenny and im a new this and would love to network with others in indy! you be blessed as well

Please tell me more

Hi Linda,
I just saw the infomercial last night, I have been checking this out. It seems like a very good concept to be able to connect investors and buyers. What I would like to know is how is the financing done? It looks like I can have access to alternate financing?
I wanted to talk to someone like you, a student who is doing this, I would appreciate any honest opinions / advice from you.
I really have bad credit and no cash.
You talk about the success academy. Are there other classes I need to pay for, in order to do this?

Thank you

Hi Linda

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I just wanted to thank you for all the journaling you have done. You are an amazing woman, and I hope you continue to share your successes and tips with the DG family. Keep the faith!

To your Health & Wealth!

knowledge and fear

Read your bio sounds like you'll do just find once you get going after a few deals under your belt. Fear of failure is what usually holds us back. I'm still learning alot myself so doing a deal right now for me could get alittle messy and fraught with wrong decisions and choices but I'll get and so will you if you haven't already. Persistence and time will bring it about! But stumbling thru it the first couple times maybe necessary into order to learn and do it better next time and learn from our mistakes. Good Luck you'll do it.

The law of attraction

I read your comment about fear. If you are excited and scared at the same time then you're on the right track. Love what you do and you will certainly be Successful without question. Stay focused what you want is already On the way


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thanks for the reminder.

Doing deals?

Have you moved past your fear to do a deal? I have done five, in Indiana and Michigan. Now needing to find some private money or a partner, for 3 deals I have lined up at 40% to 60 % under assessed value. Want to flip them or set them up for a rent to own following a refinance, to pay my private money lender back. How to find those with money, when I am willing to pay fairly for their short term loan? any ideas or leads?


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i always forget to check this page. sorry it takes me a while to get back. i think maybe i am just doing it afraid, rather than being past the fear yet. congratulations on your 5 deals. are you in IN or MI? i really haven't gotten into private money, although i am considering it. i was just thinking about it today, as a matter of fact. i have heard about approaching people you all ready know and it can be family, friends, attorney, dentist, doctor, whoever. i would think you would want to have an actual plan drawn up to show what you want to borrow and how you will use it, then how you will pay it back, when, their profit, etc. there is a journal on here by Donna Doo and she talks about it some. you might check it out. hope it all works out for you.

Hello - New to the Game

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Hi! My name is TONY and I am very very new to this. But, I have read quite a bit and I am in the middle of Dean's book "Profit from Real Estate Right Now".

My thinking is, it would be best to find out if there is a REI Group/Club already in existence in the Indianapolis Area. IndianaJoe is up in Chicago. So, that's not an option.

Would like to sit down with you and/or the Group to at least get some grounding from those who have done it for awhile, if possible.

I will, of course, follow any Journal you might have. But, would really like to start finding where all of the Dean Grads in and around Indy, might congregate for Happy Hour every once inawhile.

Would you be interested?
I live up in the Castelton/Fishers area.

PS: I just found the posting for REI's in the local area...
But, I do not see a way to post any comments within.... please advise!


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can you imagine i remembered to check this page only 10 days after you posted? gee! Smiling i am in Fort Wayne, but there are 2 good clubs i know of in Indy. i think one meets twice a month, which i would love. i am familiar with the Castleton/Fishers area, but it's a long drive for me. i know there are some other investors from Indy on here. you might check other journals and look at postings. i can't remember anyone offhand right now. good luck in REI.

Help me plz Linda

Lets say i have the property under a flex option, and i find an interested buyer ready to purchase, how do i go about going through the final process so i can get paid? im stuck, anyone able to assist me on this one?

filling vacancies

hi indiana investors in the gary area and have several vancies that need to be filled


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Hey There, you told me about your fear. There it is. Right in front of you... read my new private message to you if you haven't already. I'm responding to this blog having just sent the private message.

did you get help?

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i'm sorry, but i rarely check this page. i forget about it. if you didn't get any help, PM me and i'll see what i can do. thanks.

Hi Linda, I see your in NE

Hi Linda,

I see your in NE Indiana, we must be close I'm in Michigan the tri state area I'm a hop skip and a jump from the Indiana, Ohio, Michigan Line. I'm in the same ship as you... I sold a business I had for 29yrs. and since then things have went south. I'm a person of action being self employed nearly my entire career. I too joined the S.A. their great, Now I have the RBPP this has lit a fire underneath me. I was going to put in my first offer today BUT the house is cover in BLACK MOLD I didn't want to take the risk on. Look forward to your reply.



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Hey Linda, was just thinking about you and thought I'd pass you an up date... yeah, something TOO up date is more like it! I have a new Partner, Mark Van Dyke, who has been at it for 5.5 years. Through him and adding his expertise, we have 9 properties under contractl 7 of which are Multi Family. 2 are really great houses for a hold Investor. All 9 are listed on the DG Classified Site under Properties for Sale. Also, go to the same and look under Looking to Buy Properties, then look for the title,"I have Asian Buyer" That were we are right now. Mark also has a small gaggle of properties also for Assignment in 9 states. Still getting those listed on other sites, but he has a stream of buyers he gets to pick from! How is it going on your end?????


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JUST A NOTE to say that I'm not going to let you go... I mean this in the ost respectful way! I've been doing the DG Real Estate thing by myself and now that I have at least a local partner, god it really helps. But I remember reading your BIO and you have so much on the ball... so I'm here to encourage you to stay with it, keep your eye on the donut and not upon the hole! THIS period in R/E and with the knowledge you have, well, all of a sudden it is going to explode for you Linda. DO NOT GIVE UP OR SLOW DONW!

How Goes It?

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Hey Linda, well how's it going on your end? Lots of progress on mine; I have an experienced "real" R/E Partner whose been doing this for 5 years now. He's not a DG member but depite his success he's getting involved. He's had so much contact with members, and I've known him since February and he's seen how organized I am/we all are that he's learned new stuff from NEWBIES! He's always been impressed by the DG Family. What won him over were my Presentations as a Full Service Wholesaller to the Buyer. Far more comprehensive then his presentations, with quicker response times. This is a guy who is doing Assignments in 9 states, 20-40 per month most of the time. Though him we now only have two houses for Assignment: One in Illinois and One in Florida. But we have 9 Multi Family Units under contract! Is that nuts or what. It's a transition "back" to multi families for him. And as he says, it's the same work, just the numbers are bigger. I'm working almost exclusivly on connecting with Big, I mean Big Funds while he's involved with most of the presentations (which in this case are packages supplied by the Property Sellers (cool) and doing the deals. We are looking for our first one now, but we are out there in mass. Send me your e-mail to: Joeyharp_2001 at yahoo dot com and I'll keep you informed on our progress.

Enjoy, Joseph


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sounds like things are really picking up for you. way to go! sounds like you have a great partner to work with too. what is your main objective with REI?

Square 1

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Hi Linda my name is Eric Veloni and I just want to say that following your story is an inspiration all in it's own. I started with DG almost a year ago before I left for deployment. I looked into a couple of properties --> FSBO, REO and I was very interested in making something happen, but I didn't know where to begin. I am sure you had the same feelings at one point in time.

To be honest, I still don't know where to begin. I am going through Dean's success academy but they put it on hold until I get back from deployment!

Now a Real Estate Agent that I am working with kinda, never even heard of DG before and how he does business until I showed up at her door step and introduced D.G to her.
I'm really hoping that maybe she has learned a thing or two but I'm looking more towards getting help and support from the D.G family?

I am very anxious to get back to NC and try to make things work as a Real Estate Investor. Best of Wishes ;]

But, what good words of wisdom would you give a person like me and do you have any advice for a person who is just starting out?

P.S -> Thank you for your son's service to this great country :]

Doc V.

I can Finally say HI!

Hi Linda,

Great talking to you last week. I have been trying to get logged on since I talked to you. I had to eventually call the help desk and 15 min. later......success. Anyway I can now spend some quality time here like you suggested.

Talk at ya later.

Jeff Middleditch
Reality Property Solutions
Goshen Indiana

realestate meetings

do u know of any realestate groups that are meeting in the northwest indiana area


Hey Linda, I'd be glad to offer any help I can. Please feel free to find me on Facebook or message me here. Matthew Morrow MorrowInvest.com Hope you do great things!