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Going to 1st seminar thursday, can't wait!


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success begins today!

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Hello my name is Kevin, please put me on your buyers list, I would like to do the same for you. I am a local investor here in Charlotte, NC and love meeting GOOD investors to make GREAT things happen. I see you have properties for sale on your AD. I would like to get more information on what's in your inventory. Do you have a website with information about the properties on it? Are you the owner of the properties? I am a local investor here and have a couple investing partners for different projects. My first partner right now I am holding properties in and around Charlotte if you would be interested to purchase. 4 properties to be exact, completely rehabbed and off market right now. 1 of the properties is completely done and ready to go and the others will be ready in a week’s time or so. They are phenomenal turnkey investment properties to buy and hold and ROI producing rental properties, Let me know for more details. I would need to talk to the exact buyer for a transaction to take place or if you know someone there could be a finder's fee in place. I also work with a bulk buyer who buys properties all over the country and is looking to purchase 80-100 properties a week. Yes it is a lot so I need to find multiple investors that can suffice these transactions. Right now there are looking to buy in Charlotte NC/SC and FL and I do have other states they have high demand for. They will buy turnkey or light to medium rehab. If you or another investor would be interested in any of the scenarios described please contact me and make sure to put it in the email listed below where I found you so I can keep track. I look forward to working with you in the near future. I know sometimes the investing business is "shady" but I can assure you that people I work with are real, legitimate, no BS, serious reputations. I work the same way and are looking for people who do right thing and make it a WIN-WIN situation for people involved. If this is something you would be interested in pursuing please contact me A.S.A.P to discuss further information. Thank you very much for reading and good investing.
Kevin Angle
KAinvestingllc AT gmail Dot com