December 20th, 2012 | posted by ogaines
I have been a member for a few years and always came away from this site a little hungry for the success but also a little down.

I would read of the success everyone was getting and couldn't figure out why it wasn't happening for me. I did a deal in 2009 for 4k and NOTHING since! Was I applying the techniques wrong? No I would almost get a deal to settlement many times, but one thing or another would happen and the deal would cave in.

Not this time baby! I was approached by someone who knew I was an investor about a property they had inherited and didn't want. There was about 3600 in back taxes owed; 3 heirs(two of which had dreams of making millions with this house) but it was owned free and clear.

From TotalView, I learned that the house was worth about 110k in good condition. A walkthru showed me that there was no structural damage, just clutter! It needed about 25k in paint, carpet, windows and landscaping to get it up to speed! I began to get excited as I approached the seller to negotiate a price. We finally settled on 30k because she just wanted the headache to go away!!

I started marketing in CL asking 45k, but not really expecting it. But Dean's books taught me that the numbers were tight so I stuck with it. After 2 days, I had a cash buyer who counter-offerd 41K!!!!!!!

Of course I said YES!! And settlement was yesterday! I made $11,000 with $10.00 out of pocket! After all this time, wanting to quit, thinking this wasn't for me and continuing to go for it anyway, it finally paid off.

Dean, thank you for your wisdom and your passion and never giving up on any of us! It's always us that give up. I'm now trying to duplicate this. I don't know if that will happen. In Philly deals like that don't drop in your lap everyday. But I ain't stopping now!!!!!!!!!

I love my DG Family. Christamas will be swwweeeetttt this year! THANK YOU DEAN AND FAMILY!! MERRY XMAS!!!


"Only those who can see the invisible can accomplish the impossible"
Patrick Snow
"Instead of using your words to describe your situation, use your words to change your situation" Joel Osteen

wonderful job

Isnt fun to just hang in there till the fruit rippens, wishing you even greater success and it will come dont quit, Jim




I just wanted to say that I'm so very proud of you. Although, I have yet to close a deal, your story is a little simular to mine.(I live in PA too) Keep on and God Bless you and yours!!

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