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Ogal Gaines
Philadelphia, PA
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I hve worked in Mental Health for over 20 years and it has gotten extremely stressful. So much so that I need a way out! I have tried books, courses and a local mentoring program and all I got for my trouble is a repossessed SUV. Dean tugs at my "Hope" bone. I want to believe the stories that this man can help me like all the others. I'm not afraid of the work, I think I'm more afraid of this not working for me... again. I put my realtor's license in escrow 12/08. Another attempt to get a way into investing; learned a little but not enough to take the plunge at that time.My wife has been very supportive but each time I try something with no results, I see her looking at me just a bit differently. That has got to change.

I love helping people reach their goals, taking care of my family,traveling, weight training and sketching while listening to jazz. I love the DG family site and all of the support I see being spread around. I hope to feel the love myself as I grow and help anyone in some small way.

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Mental Health Worker
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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reading real estate books

I am just starting to read Deans book. I have read a number of books. the best one that I have read so far was by a local Phila. guy named Jim Canale. The book is called Live the real estate lifestyle. It is an easy read. Written at an easy level to understand.

Hey Man!

I hope and pray that I get through to you I have some ideas that can benefit us both. I will tell you a story later in how I found you through my fiance'.

Not Sure...

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Hey, I don't know if you're still around and I apologize for just seeing this post, but let's hook up and see what's cooking!