Cleveland deals

Cleveland deals

Hello.......Are there any investors out there looking for good deals in Cleveland, Ohio?

I have some great deals. I just need some cash buyers.

These deals are a little different to regular wholesaling and work as follows:

1. We find the property and present the numbers to you.
2. You enter tripartite agreement with myself and my contracting team to purchase the property. We will rehab house to an agreed ARV.
3. You provide 30% of rehab cost to begin rehab and for materials.
4. At 60% completion of rehab you provide an additional 30% rehab cost.
5. At 100%, you pay remaining rehab cost and consultation fee.You end up with a high quality property that you can rent or sell.

The great things about this is deal are:
1. not all payment is required up front
2. high quality rehab work
3. accurate ARV estimates
4. Properties are in locations that sell & rent fast

If you are interested in making at least 15% of ARV after all expenses or acquiring a great rental property, then please PM me for details.

It doesn't hurt to take a look at our deals.



Hi Guys
Sent you a PM but didn't hear back. Check your mail box..Keith


Hi Keith

I have just checked my mail box but only received a message from ShellyC.

That's strange that I have not received your message.

Would you like to contact me via my email?

Kind regards

Pm me

My successful Wholesaling buddy in Indy is going to expand starting another team in cleveland he is killing it in Indy does about 5 to 7 deals a mo. I will send him your info if you pm me yours ok. He gets a ton of cash buyers and tut can co wholesale Deals with him.



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