Tell about your mentor experiences

Tell about your mentor experiences

I am new to all of this and was hoping that someone could tell me about their experiences with the mentoring program where someone helps you through your first five deals. I'm a little nervous about signing a contract for so much money without being able to read over the contract for a few days with my wife. Hoping to be the next succes story.



Mentoring .....

Even though this question was posted a year ago, I think it is a VERY valid question
and as an “official coach” for Dean Graziosi, I’m able to shed some light on this topic!

We have over 18 real estate coaches here on staff and EVERY coach has a specific
background in different aspects of real estate…..combined we have coaches that
have the following backgrounds;

1. Investor Friendly REALTORS
2. Mortgage Lenders
3. Commercial REALTOR
4. Property Manager
5. Home Inspector
6. Private Money Specialist
7. Etc.

So virtually ANY questions you have in reference to real estate investing,
we have an AMAZING staff to assist you.

Not only do the coaches have these various backgrounds, but they also
focus on INVESTING!!!! When you join Dean’s Inner Circle and have access to
a 1-on-1 coach that will meet with you once a week & customize an investment
program specific to your needs!!!

60 hours a week, Monday – Saturday, you’ll have access to the real estate advisory team for immediate assistance. You will NOT be calling into a coaching line where you have 20 year old kids, reading off of scripts to answer your real estate questions…..You will be working specifically with coaching that understand the real estate market, how to analyze it & invest!!!

Obviously I’m biased, however I know this program works because I personally
use the methods that we teach & I work with students that have success from
these methods!!!



If you would like the chance to work with me or one of my fellow real estate investor coaches and our advanced training programs, give us a call anytime to see if Dean's Real Estate Success Academy and our customized curriculum is a fit for you. Call us at 1-877-219-1474 ext. 125

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