New Real Estate Investor

New Real Estate Investor

We receive Dean's, book and started reading it and it is very inspiring. We want to succeed in this business because we believe we can. Right now just trying to gather the facts so have been reading and listening to Dean's presentations online. We so need to get started..



To the DG family. You will find lots of experienced real estate investors on this site who are more than happy to help you anytime you have a question.

Good luck!


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I need helpe with fining a

I need helpe with fining a Invester

Check out the posting below, guys.



Dana w/ Crossroads Solutions LLC
I am direct to the VP of a $100 million dollar open-ended debt and equity fund which actively writes checks to fund businesses with an EBITDA of at least $1 million a year. We fund also have access to up to $500,000,000 for the purchase of distressed real estate, specially commercial $7,500,000 and up.

Finding Investors

Have you tried craiglist,google or your neariest REI club?

real estate agents

Can't wait to get started. Just wish the agents in New York weren't so arrogant and know it all's. When I learn I will be glad to teach anyone anytime!


I am new to the site, I have been reading Deans profit from real estate now which is a excellent readI I was just wanting to know if there were any investors or agents in the Gainesville or surrounding areas that has taken that step and is doing some type of investing? I have an investor that is only interested in FSBO's but I don't know where to go to find owners that are willing to sell that don't have a disclamer stating that investors shouldn't contact them. Any advice on my situation would be greatly appreciated. Warren

finding a New York real estate agent

Is there anybody that can help me find an agent. As soon as I say starter homes according to the blueprint by Dean the agents shut me down! When they ask my price range I have no idea what to say. Can anybody help me find an agent?

You will find lot of

You will find lot of experienced real estate investors on this site and will get full satisfaction of your queries.

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Well, you have come to the right place. There are so many resources here not to mention friendly helpful people. Good luck on your journey and don't hesitate to ask questions. Someone is bound to know the answer or point you in the right direction.

Lisa Richardson

HI efw0517, Some people

HI efw0517,

Some people don’t care for working to new real estate investor, because they are no experience. They are excited and motivated about beginning a new career. They are dedicated for the few clients. Point to notice, Real Estate Investment Clubs are groups that meet locally and allow investors and other professionals to network and learn. They give greatly helpful data to both the beginner and expert real estate investor.


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