Help, Please? The letter on pp 114-115 ...

Help, Please? The letter on pp 114-115 ...

So- unable to find the extra dough to get in on the RBBP program, I'm turning back to the books and tools I already have, in the belief that I already have the pieces I really need to succeed, even if it isn't quite as simple or as shiny new as the RBBP. Smiling

SO, that said, I'm typing up the letter from pp. 114-115 to post on my local craigslist and send as e-mail to all my local real-estate companies. What want to know is:

A) How effective is this letter right now? (Most of the posts I'm seeing on this topic are 1 to 2 years old.)

B) The letter itself seems a bit unlike me and how I communicate, even aristocratic and authoritarian in tone. I mean really, "The Agent I choose will also have to be available at all times."--?? That seems a bit harsh, I'm not Leona Helmsley- after all, and I'm not going to call some poor agent up at 2 in the morning to demand they research a property for me! It seems like a really good way to turn off someone who might really be at the top of their game.
So- how might I make this a little bit friendlier, and more obvious about how this benefits them and how we can benefit each other?

Any suggestions out there in DG-land?


True, I can see how "I am

True, I can see how "I am paying Ca$h..." would get me everyone under the sun swearing that THEY were the one agent for me! Laughing out loud So just slightly towards "Jerk"? OK, I think I can soften it enough to maintain that, without sounding like a hardnosed Helmsley type.
Do you think it would be okay for me to post the modified letter here to get your feedback? Or would that be against the rules?

Be ethical and be yourself

I am new to Dg as well but I have done quite a few ads selling mobile homes in the past.
Be positive in your expectations and confident in yourself. On the other hand if you are too weak you will get trompled.
Agents are lazy for the most part in that they focus on the listings and not the sales. You want to find the one that will help you with your purchases which means the sale side to them.
CASH talks with them. I suggest you use it confidently.

Hope this helps.



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if the letter makes you uncomfortable

do not use it. Alter it so that it fits you. It is after all an example. Make it your own. Or create your own using Matt's ideas. Even He had to go through several agents before he got the star.

One thing I found in my hunt was many agents will tell you they are not afraid of making "low ball" offers. But in practice we hear all the time how they began to him and haw, or waffle when it came time for the real thing. I decided to make sure my realtor and I were on the same page where low ball was concerned. I specifically exampled what I meant:

"So if we were to look at a property listed at $175K and I were to offer about $40K for it, would that be a problem for you?"

If they are going to have a problem you will see it in them no matter what they say. I found most considered low balling to be more like 25K off the listed price. Nothing like what I look for. Using the example above I did find one who is a real scrappy agent. She also will not be surprised when I DO offer 40K for a $200K house-I did warn her after all.

The main thing is to take what works and alter what isn't you into what is. You can't be wincing when you talk to them, because you feel awful about the letters tone. Just fix it a bit to suit you. Remember too that this is YOUR business-if they want commissions they work for you. They either tow your line or move on to the next agent.


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OK, so here's what I've got so far,

Professional Real Estate Investor Looking For Properties

My name is S Snook, and I am an investor in the local area. Due to the current economic conditions, I have decided to ramp up my existing operations. I not only represent myself, but I also have several investors, both in and out of the area, that I help find, rehab, rent out, and manage properties. Because of the money backing me, I have set a goal to buy 50 properties in the next 6-12 months. Some of these properties I will buy and hold myself, some of them I will sell to other investors, and some I will buy, fix up, and flip for myself. Regardless of the strategy I use on each property, I need to be very aggressive on the price I pay for the property, especially in this current market. I have not yet chosen a real estate agent to represent me, as I have certain criteria they need to be aware of and be willing to meet. The agent that I choose cannot be afraid to offend other agents with low offers. The agent I choose will also have to be available at all reasonable times. While I won't be calling at 2 in the morning to research a property, I will be calling in the evenings and on weekends, so flexibility is a MUST. I use several strategies to buy and sell properties quickly, including making verbal offers when permitted. I will also look at a lot of properties and buy only a few. So an aggressive work ethic will be required. The upside for the agent who gets accepted will be lots of commissions. We will close on properties every month. I will pull in the agent on For Sale By Owner deals. At times I will write additional commission into the contract as we ramp up to full speed.
All that aside, I am a professional and expect to work with a professional. I want to make money and I want the agent to make money. Here are the types of properties I am looking to buy:

Single Family homes, 3-4 bedrooms
1-2 baths, at least 1,000 Sq ft.
Duplexes and Triplexes will be considered
No mobile homes at this time
No homes built before 1976
No vacant lots
Low crime neighborhoods

If you have properties that fit this description, or would like to represent me,
please call me at 1 xxx-xxx-8860 and leave a detailed message.
Thank you for your time,
Ms. Susan Snook


I've only modified it a fraction from the original, and when I post it, I'll obviously be adding in the full 855 number and proper locations at the bottom.
My only other thing is that, as of right now, I *Don't* have other investors in or out of town to represent or help, nor do I have "money backing me"... Is this just a case of "fake it till you make it",- Don't let them know you are still looking for buyers/investors/etc?

May I ask your thoughts?
Thank you!

My thoughts:

Ladyfox7oaks wrote:

Professional Real Estate Investor Looking For Properties

My only other thing is that, as of right now, I *Don't* have other investors in or out of town to represent or help, nor do I have "money backing me"... Is this just a case of "fake it till you make it",- Don't let them know you are still looking for buyers/investors/etc?

May I ask your thoughts?
Thank you!

Hello Ms Susan Snook,

Nice job! Smiling

You used a formula for your ad and adapted it to stay true to who you are. Smiling

I would change one word right at the end of your ad ... "and I want MY agent to make money"

I do not think that you should capitalize the word MY but I could not make it bold or underline it.

Good luck with this, please let us know what responses you get.


I *Don't* have other investors in or out of town to represent or help, nor do I have "money backing me"

Like you said yourself, fake it until you make it and while you are looking for your agent, look your buyers too.

Thank you! And Wish me

Thank you! And Wish me luck, I JUST posted it to Craigslist, and will start sending /searching by e-mail to the local realtor/realty folks tomorrow. Laughing out loud


Your letter seems pretty convincing and you will definetly get good responses. In addition to posting it in craigslist, you can call your local offices for Remax and Keller williams and ask to speak to agents who work with investors and state some of the above facts from the letter and then email them in detail. You can also post in trulia that you are looking for investor friendly agent and the agents will contact you or respond back and you can call them and find out if they are fit for you.


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Fake it Until You make it?

In regards to fake it until you make it...I am also currently searching for an REA. I am brand new to investing and have purchased RBBP.

I have had several of them ask me what my experience is with this?

I am afraid to say that I am completely new to real estate investing...but am also not sure how to answer them.

Any thoughts?


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