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Susan Snook
Northern NV
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OOOF, where to start? I'm a geek, a fan of sci-fi/fantasy, the paranormal, the unusual, and the daughter of a man who was and is self employed, so I got the "Independent" streak from him. Have finally figured out that working for someone ELSE is not where I want to be, and does not grant me NEARLY the freedom I want to have. I currently work for the State... which is not NEARLY as "Safe and Secure" as I thought it would be when I foolishly sought that job. Let's just say I have some extra motivation to make this thing WORK, and work WELL.
Quick update 1/2012
I no longer work for the State. No job is worth my life or my soul, and it was going to take both, if I had stayed and allowed it.
Consider it further motivation to make this WORK.

Jewelry, history, sci-fi and fantasy, beadwork, my friends, singing, reading, hiking, good books and new horizons.

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Self Employed in Real Estate
My Pets Are My Kids
Some College

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Welcome Susan

shaun omar's picture

Welcome to the site. Congrats on the first step into REI. It's a great site and used properly you will get tons of info.

Nice to see you here

Donna Doo's picture

Let me know if I can help you


kareng's picture

Good luck on going into RE full time!


Hey Ladyfox

Valuni's picture

I thought I had already signed in your guestbook!
Well, you probably know how much I wish you great success on your rei journey, and I know that sooner or later we will see you at the Edge sharing with us wonderful stories about your deals!

Keep it up Girl!!


MxChica's picture

Congratulations on leaving the rat race known as the J.O.B.

There are lots of options for you and you are definitely on the right track and in good hands here!

Let me know how I can help



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I retired from state employment 15 years ago and never looked back. I found the definition of JOB (just over broke). When I retired I only had 6 rentals. They have grown through many avenues.

Just stopping in!

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Just wanted to say "hello" and that I pray that all goes well for you!


RE license yet?

Valuni's picture

back in August you wrote a post stating that you were contemplating getting your re license? Whatever you do, you have to do it for what you believe in, not because other people tell you whether it's a good idea or not.
Hope you're still doing rei! Keep me posted when you get your license, if you do Eye-wink

Blue horse shoe loves lady fox

P.H.G. LLC.'s picture

Add us to your buyers and sellers list asap.

May god bless you always