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Stacy Creech
Blaine wa
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I have been married for 21 years, but at the 20 year mark I found my abusive husband had been sexually inappropriate with our daughter. So he was arrested and is out of the home. For 2 decades I gave over my control to him and suffered a great loss of self confidence. I am however getting my faith in myself back slowly.

I also have a son, who I hope will join me in this venture-once I can prove that it works. He is 20 now...not sure how that happened as I am sure all those years didn't pass for me!! Smiling

I am 48, was injured on the job back in 2006, and have not been able to work since. This little tidbit had me trapped in my marriage years after I wanted to leave. His behavior took care of that. My first order of business is to get enough money to hire a lawyer and get a divorce. Which is one of the motivating factors in taking the step into this business.

The major factor though, is that since I cannot work (not that I really WANT the dreaded JOB) and social security says I am not disabled enough, I have not prospect for an income from traditional routes. Real Estate has made more millionaires than any other profession. I have decided to be one of them. I will no longer be a victim,I shall lead, not follow, I will take control of my life and live up to my true potential.

Wow I have so many...real estate has been on my radar for a decade, hobbies include weaving, painting both acrylics and oils, stained glass, singing dancing and many more

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unemployeed-or retired by injury
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You go, girl!

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I'm brand new on this site and clicked on your name when I saw that you were online. I'm a 60 year old widow with 2 grown kids from Houston, TX. Real estate investing is going to silence all of my dream-stealers. I know we can do this! You are a survivor and that makes you stronger than most people. Hang in there.


Welcome Stacy

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congratulations on taking your first steps towards becoming a rei. You will find the support of many knowledgeable investors here, and infinite amount of information to help you along your journey.

wishing you great success,


Well Said Stacy

You are a true survivor. Very touching events of your past life. It is only when we glance at the past and look to the future, will success be realized. You have set your feet on the path of opportunities in REI. Remember it is only you that can make this happen. We are only your support. God Bless.


I would love to have a mentor,

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not mention a partner. My building my buyers list is slow going.

Some of the recommended things take money which I simply do not have. The Craig's list ad I can't even find on the site, except thru the link they gave me. So not even a single reply to that.

I found a fantastic source for leads, but can't afford the subscription. They said I am the only one in my area using them, so it would be great...

I have found a couple of hard money lending sites, so I can likely get a deal done...but am more than a little afraid of using it without a buyer in place as I cannot take on any monthly payments for a mortgage if I cannot land a buyer...Yeah I know FEAR...I'm not supposed to let it hold me back:) but with nothing but welfare to live on, finances are a major issue for me.

Any Ideas would be very appreciated, or if you know any buyers in WA state, I would love the help.

Thank you,

Hi Stacy!

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Wow, what a journey you have been through in your life! Keep pursuing the REI and never give up! I'm going to go find your journal! It would be good to post it here in your profile and then you'll have more visitors to it. Wishing you the best and a very prosperous real estate investing career! You've already gone through so much, so you are prepared for this field! God Bless you!

Local Investor

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Hey just wanted to let you know I'm new here as well and I live in Ferndale right now. I'm not sure if I can offer any real advice but I'm here in case you want to talk or have anything in the works that I might be able to help you with.

Your past is bad and it's sad you and your daughter had to go through that but on the bright side is on the downward slop off the backside of the mountain. Look ahead and try to remain positive.
Take Care