Fix and Flips

Fix and Flips

I need to know about fix and flips from start to finish. I want know where to find the best deals and how. I want to know what the process is from start to finish. How to build a reputable team to be successful. Are there any books or training seminars that teach about fix and flips?


Stephanie Cherry
Real Estate Wholesale Consultant

Fix and Flip

I think you should read some of Dean's book. Be a Real Estate Millionaire and Profit From Real Estate Right Now!


30 days to real estate cash

and be a real estate millionaire are key to getting a firm grasp on real estate investing

i have not viewed Profit from real estate right now

so i would say take a good weekend start with 30 days book, then proceed to be a real estate millionaire
( since it is more intense and detailed) and deals at a greater length and then come back and ask questions...

Above all Pace yourself because it is information overload


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