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Stephanie Cherry
Norcross, Georgia
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I am a single mother of two, Naudia, my daughter, 13 and Nathaniel, my son, 10. I completed my Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Technical Diploma at Everest Institute. I will be earning my CPC(Certified Professional Coder)in December. I am currently enrolled at SNHU for my Bachelors in Healthcare Management and GTC for my Associate's in Accounting. I started a business selling home decor products last year, I am still working on keeping that business going. I want to start investing in real estate and making a career out of real estate.

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Assignment Contract

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You use a Standard Purchase & Sales Agreement for your Seller and for the Buyer you use the Assignment Contract

Advise on Private Lenders

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Hi mgntexas,

I wanted to know if you had any advise on finding private lenders. It is hard to find someone who you can trust.

Let me explain what I am trying to do. I want to into purchasing tax liens/deeds starting in the state of Georgia. Do you know any private lenders that will fund projects like mine?

i can help

I am a new comer to the scene of real estate investing. I've lived on the same general area for 40 years
I've seen many neighborhoods prosper and alot decline but I'm always encountering properties that are such good deal and no one too pass them on too. I want to bird dog my way up until I have enough for my own investment. I saw your ad for properties wanted and figured I could offer my services to you here in Florida. Have some good leads, if your interested please email me at yazzii11@****