Blitz Email Feedback and Gain the E.D.G.E. LIVE videos!

Blitz Email Feedback and Gain the E.D.G.E. LIVE videos!

If you have been getting my emails, you got a
link Tuesday to grab my "Private Letters" report.

Most people who read Tuesday's special
report containing the "Private Letters" are

However, a VAST MAJORITY of feedback was from
people who want to learn what the attendees
of the EDGE event learned.


Today, instead of interviews, you can WATCH
real teaching pieces from the EDGE EVENT here:

If you did NOT download and read the special
"PRIVATE LETTERS" report from Tuesday, you
can grab a copy of that here:

Now, after watching the videos and reading the
report, I want your feedback on this...


I want your feedback. Please post it by Clicking Here.

I'll talk to you again next week, and who KNOWS
what surprises I'll have for you then!

Talk to you next week,

Dean Graziosi
Real Estate Expert


P.P.S. If you missed any of the gifts I've sent
here are the links to get them all.

The special probate report:

The special video lesson on credit and debt:

The 15 page newsletter:


Clips & Dean

Clips were a tease hope your passion to prove your critics wrong and to help people is still strong cause i would love somemore info from the edge and you and i need it NOW let me tell you why. This weekend 7-11-09 i got married to my loving girl of 6yrs and it feels like a new leaf on life and i am going to use this energy starting my dream and passion for real estate and investing. A oppertunitie come about during the reception and i need all the extra knowledge your willing to give free untile i can make things right with you and all people that helped me. Dean i beleave in your teachings so keep it comin.

Edge Clips

Thanks for all the valuable info you provide. A true value is impossible to place!
The clips left me wanting to hear all of the session, as I am still trying to complete my first deal.

Blitz Email Feedback and Gain the E.D.G.E. LIVE videos!

I'm am loving the Blitz!!! I can't express my gratitude enough for all of the awesome info being handed to us. I'm new to real estate investing and have yet to close a deal. But I know without a doubt that with access to all of this great info plus my desire to succeed, I will have my first deal under my belt in no time!!!!

I watched the Edge video clips and felt like it was a teaser Eye-wink. I would love to see more (actually, all) of the Edge video. You want to know what it would be worth....priceless, just as most others have stated. Again, thank you Dean!!!!

The EDGE on Video

Dean, you never cease to amaze me. Your books are so easy to read and understand, your videos explode with your confidence and enthusiasm, and the number of things you give us free approaches philantropy.

Why someone as successful as you would spend so much time, energy, and money trying to make me successful I'll probably never understand, but I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart.

After watching the sneak preview of the Edge on video, I would price it's value at $1000 but knowing you (at least as much as I do so far), you will probably make a package of 4 DVD's available at $199 and they will sell like hotcakes.

I'm ready to order mine right now.

Thank you for all you do. We now have one property in rehab and I am studying every single day what to do with it and how to get more. You really are making a positive impact on the world and I am so happy to be in earshot of it.


the edge video clips

The clips have sparked more interest. I'm a newbie and like to have as much information as possible before jumping in. Each of these clips are just a tiny bit of powerful information that we all can use to be successful as investors. I hope you don't tease us for very long. To have videos of the full EDGE would be wonderful so we can go back, review and learn more. Priceless. I hope to work on my first deal within the next month. Thanks.

when is the next one

after watching a few clips and what you all talked about i cant wait to be a part of your next event keep us posted like always and thanks for everything you do for us Dean!!!!!!!!!!!!

Send me over the edge!!!

Thanks so much for the tease Dean! I just wish I was there. Have you ever considered holding a conference on the east coast? I am some what new and have yet to begin my adventure in Real Estate, however I am working my way very close to the edge. Please give me that push that I seem to need! It would be priceless to be able to get our hands on the Edge Event, that so many of us wish we didn't miss! I just want to add a big thanks so much for all you do! I love all the good info you have sent our way. No one, that I am aware of, in real estate has ever come close to being so helpful, caring and inspirational to their students as you. You truly rock and I look forward to meeting you one day in the future and thanking you for all you have done to lead us all toward our goal for financial freedom. You have truly been a god sent to many and I know because of you , my dreams and many others, can truly become a reality!

Best Wishes,

Edge Event Public Availability

This would be a great great asset to anybody, either freshly involved, or those 10 toes deep as the saying goes. Thanks for so much of the effort and just vast amount of information that has already been handed out in various formats. This would make a great addition. Especially after the teasing taste we got from the video clips. I'm hungry for a chunky bite of more exclusive real estate knowledge. Many thanks to all involved in keeping this site above par as well as the success academy. Much love and God Bless

Ventura County Area


Is there anybody that lives in the Ventura County area and has been doing the Program?

Gain The E.D.G.E Inspiration


It would make my life a fortune and give me the change to believe in myself. I'm a novice; These Investors inspire me alot in the videos. Thanks for sending '' Gain The E.D.G.E Video ''. I'm sure it gave all DG students the confidence to achieve our goals and use fear as motivation.

Thanks, Dean!!!!!!

edge clip

Your video clips are great.


First of all, i would like to say THANKS to Dean for making this training available to all of his students. Second, i have to say that i love the EDGE Conference and the opportunity that i had to learn from the presenters and especially meeting a lot of you. Third and i think the most important thing to remember, with wealth of information and tools provided in the Edge Video Clips, i must say that nothing really matter unless we apply the information in our Real Estate Investing by TAKING ACTION! Faith without Work is Dead! With Faith in the information provide, and with hard work and due delligence on your part, you can go a long way and the sky's the limit. Good luck to all of you!



Hello Everyone,

On the Edge video when Greg was speaking, Dean made a suggestion that Matt and Greg would team up and write down averages for rehabbing cost such as 1500sqft house what the flooring would cost. Does anyone know where that post would be??


"Don't tell me I can't, Tell me how I can."

How can I get this information?

To anyone with an answer on this.

I have been going through all of Dean's video blogs and I came across the one about the EDGE '09 and the collection of it he put together. I wan to know how to get this information. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance.

Bothell, WA


Know what truely matters in life, consume yourself with that, and you shall never be disappointed, afraid, or alone. Give your gratitude always, give respect to everyone, and you shall never be anything less than what matters the most. Give praise to the Lord, forgive yourself and others, and with all of this together you will get a taste of what heavens lie ahead.

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