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Donna Britten
SW Washington
About Me: 

I am married with 2 adult children and 1 beautiful granddaughter and a cute little Grandsons.
My husband and I started investing about 9 years ago after he watched an infomercial on real estate. We now have 43 units which is a mix of single family homes and duplexes. We got so busy we started a property management company and now manage more than 200 units.
We started this business because we wanted to be comfortable when we retire.
My husband and I love working together.
In June of 2014, thanks to real estate investment, I quit my JOB!!!
I am always wanting to acquire more properties. So,I am always on the hunt!

I wish I would have found Dean sooner. I would be in a better place financially.

I love to traveling, all kinds of boating activities,Oh yeah eating seafood and camping or just being outdoors, and going to Seahawks games. GO HAWKS!

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Basic Info

Registered Nurse
Have Child(ren)
Completed College

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Mainly Just This One



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Have you gotten deans course? and if so how’s it worked out for you.

Deans coarse

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Hi, No I haven't gotten Deans coarse. Have you??

Las Vegas Homes

Donna I would love to bird dog for you in vegas. I am from vegas currently living in Ga.. My family is still there and I know all of the neighborhoods. Give me your specs and I will get you the deals.


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Wow, it's impressive what you and your husband have accomplished in 3 years! Congratulations on all you've done and on finding Dean's book and his site. Thank you for sharing your experience. Good to have you here. Smiling


I am a new-b I got the book

I am a new-b I got the book from Dean a mo. go and am reading it now, but I have to tell you I went out and found a 2 family and I put in a bid for it.
the price was 44,000 at frist and it went down to 33,900 I put in a bid for 30,050.00 I feel very good about it will see what happen. Dean book just m give me the push i need to go out and do it and that what i did. Fear did show up.{the fear was what will i do with it). I did not have a exit strage. now i do and fear is on longing in the game. thank Dean and for all of you out there get in the game no limets on excuses come to play.

can anyone help me with

can anyone help me with getting a 800 voicemail #

Hi Donna

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thank you for sharing your rei experiences with us; it is very impressive that you have 36 units! that will definitely make retirement more comfortable. Looking forward to hearing about your new deals!


New To This

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I'm a newbie here and I'm treating this site as my new face book lol. Just wanted to say what's up and I hope you make lots of money and have crazy fun. I'm looking to build my buyers list now and get really involved with the DG Fam.

Hi Donna

I am so impressed by some of the things you have done. There are many folks that have been traditional investors that are almost starting over with Dean. If you keep doing what you are doing you will succeed.



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Congratulations on your success. Likewise, my wife and I are rei.we only invest in single family units. This year I have investing in quit claim tax deeds from investors who purchased tax certificates. We achieved one of our goals of being debt free on our investments this past year. My wife asks me how many properties we need, and my answer has been one more. I have purchased four units this year. Good luck! Mossyoak

i need help

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Hi Donna,i need to find new buyers.Because my buyers are telling me not to work real estate agents.
can you tell me how can i find some good buyers?i am in Nashville TN.


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I know that who ever is telling you not to deal with agents is not familiar with investing with deal makers.

This site tells it like it is.

I will keep in touch.

Donna, not too leave you out.. I'm happy that
I see that people pull it togther on this site.

I wrote a fellow DGFamily member about some help.

No sweat.

Try harder or try SMARTER.


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Thanks for the offer I will not let you down I will make sure I come to you for help. I see your making deals and putting in offers like crazy and thanks to you I just updated my journal so check it out and tell me what you think.


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i need a help for my first deal

Hello Donna

I just wanted to check in with you just to say "HI"..

You're awesome and all the best in your rei business:)
Miami Beach

Hello Donna

I hope all is well. Just checking in to see how you are doing.

I bet you are busy rocking those deals out there. Keep it up and I admire your great mindset which you have.

Good luck in your investing!

My Favorite Quote Of Today: "You're not really free until you're free from trying to please everybody"-Joel Osteen

Doing Deals in Vegas

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Donna Outstanding story... and congratulations to you and your husband... You're on a roll!! I'm living in Vegas if you're ever interested in coming into this market I'm your guy give me a call.. 702-759-3046, 702-516-0677 Scott C.


MUCH continued success !!!! my friend.

Edge 2015

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Hi Donna. I also live in Washington and also am a nurse and real estate investor. This year I am leaving nursing and going into real estate full time. I am getting ready to flip flip flip and acquire some more rentals. I already invest in more than one area at a time. Are you going to this years EDGE event? If so, look for me and my husband as we will both be there. I would love to meet you. I am in the Battle Ground, WA area which is about 1/2 hour from Portland, Oregon. We are you at? Judy PS....this will be my first Edge event...and my husband hasn't been exposed to this at all. We started investing in real estate several years back. I have slowly become more involved in it over time because I love real estate. Sounds like you have followed a similar path.